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3 Secrets to Creating an IT Roadmap in 2019 (and How They Eliminate Weak Links in Your Business)

3 Secrets to Creating an IT Roadmap in 2019 (and How They Eliminate Weak Links in Your Business)

You would agree when we say that digital media has forever changed the way we interact and transact. As a business owner, you know that your IT infrastructure lies at the heart of everything you do. Offering customer support, tracking daily logistical data, selling your product, charting your next advertising creative – it all happens online. It stands to reason then that you should expend a generous amount of resources to ensure that your tech is in prime condition. Tech downtimes and glitches you can do without. Technical support in Toronto helps make that pipe dream a reality!

Without your tech, your business would be left in the lurch. Below, we help you chart out an airtight tech strategy for 2019. One that not only ensures you make the right investments but also helps you leverage these investments in the most optimal way.


Get Smart – Invest in IT Services That Work For You

Start by asking yourself, what are your strategic objectives business-wise? In essence, what are the operational and financial priorities that you’d want to be met?

To ensure you have a robust operational trajectory, you can focus on:

  • Minimizing the resources and effort it takes to achieve individual tasks
  • Investing in assets that will make your operations responsive, proactive and insightful
  • Creating additional value or a better experience for each customer
  • Streamlining the process with which customers can avail of your products or services


Bear in mind, major IT investments can be capital-intensive. A published report indicated that about $260,000 are spent by Canadian manufacturers every two years to purchase or upgrade their digital technology.

Of course, this investment differs based on the size, scale, and complexity of your operations and the industry you’re engaged in. Research realistic price figures, arrive at a budget and see which IT assets meet this budget and are most needed to achieve the above priorities. Don’t forget to factor in installation, ongoing maintenance and support costs into the budget as well.


Connect Tech Purchases to Long-Term Goals

If you focus only on investments that meet short-term benefits, you might find yourself drawing the short end of the straw. Immediate needs offer few benefits and usually come attached with high costs and duplicated/repetitive efforts.

Also, the modern customer is extremely pampered by technology. They expect your product or service to be available to them through cell phone apps, websites and social media. They also expect the entire experience to be as quick and easy as possible – not to mention consistent!

Many companies use real-time data to track performance, engage with clients and leverage resources. If you choose to invest in IT that meets long-term goals, that will give you the right advantage with customers – both existing and new – and help you corner the marketplace.

When you’re creating a roadmap, set your sights on a horizon that covers a prolonged period and takes into consideration those tech assets that will help you remain competitive in the next five to eight years.

This shouldn’t be too hard considering that technology itself is a very expandable, scalable and flexible resource that goes a long way to ensure you get the most out of your investments.


Leverage the Right IT at the Right Time to Improve Productivity

When pinpointing priorities, you’ll want to ascertain those areas wherein your business may be lacking. The technology roadmap must highlight:

  • Inefficiencies in your business processes that are backlogging operations and stunting productivity
  • Areas or gaps where existing infrastructure falls short
  • Functional components required to support or ameliorate your operations
  • Steps that need to be taken immediately. Arrange these in a prioritized and itemized checklist.


When you leverage your IT to address shortcomings, you can also do the same to take advantage of opportunities. Spend time to adequately resource each project, and your IT will work for you rather than against you.

When properly planned and optimally used, your tech does a great deal to relieve the workload from the shoulders of your employees. To augment all your efforts, onboard an IT provider to facilitate the smooth functioning of your tech at all times. They will monitor the health of your infrastructure and ensure that it is well protected from malware attacks, downtimes, and breaches.

And with a powerful IT network in place and a roadmap to go along with it, you can’t possibly go wrong!


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