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7 Effective Managed IT Support Services in 2018 That Can Make Your Business a Roaring Success

7 Effective Managed IT Support Services in 2018 That Can Make Your Business a Roaring Success

Do you want to know a simple secret to elevating your IT’s performance tremendously? – investing in the right managed IT services! These not only cut down on costs but also streamline your workflow processes – making your business that much more productive. Your IT is the pulsing life force behind your business. There should be zero compromises when it comes to recruiting the most competent managed IT services to help secure it against external threats and tune its performance to optimal capacity. While there are many tech support companies in Toronto who claim to efficiently handle your technology infrastructure, there are just a handful who can truly create a robust computing environment on a proactive basis for you to enjoy.

Here are seven effective managed IT services that will help your business make that competitive transition into 2018 and save you a bundle on time and money:

  • Remote Monitoring

To perform at peak level, your IT needs to be well protected. Remote monitoring is done on an ongoing basis to track integral system events and carefully assess them in order to determine whether or not they pose a threat to your information systems or otherwise essential data. By keeping a close eye on your system’s behaviour, we’re able to pick up on any unwarranted activity and immediately catch abnormal inbound connections – such as a hacking attempt. To be as effective as it possibly can be, this service is capable of detecting detrimental patterns in your network by analyzing past security trends. The findings from this analysis help locate and address issues in a timely manner.

  • Risk Assessment – Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Managed IT encompass a whole host of subset services – infrastructure implementation, networking provisions, data storage and maintenance, asset remarketing, data sanitization and so much more! But none of these would be quite as effective if you don’t truly understand the risk posture associated with your key assets, policies, procedures and systems. This understanding goes a long way to inform how your system will respond to unforeseen threats when sharing sensitive information with vendors. It helps integrate an adaptive environment so that your technology is always able to remain two steps ahead of emerging risks.

This is where vulnerability testing plays a huge role to safeguard your system at all costs. The process involves software scans and simulated hacking to pinpoint weaknesses in your network. At such time, these vulnerabilities can be augmented with advanced software and hardware to keep your assets out of harm’s way. Vulnerability testing zeroes in on the perimeter of your assets to understand potential gateways that hackers may use to enter your system without authorization.

Penetration testing, on the other hand, focuses on a network-wide security assessment. This is done through periodic and random testing to get an idea of your system’s strengths and weaknesses over a longer duration.

  • Help Desk Management

As with any thriving business, you naturally have a deluge of incoming customer calls to attend to. This will prove to be a massive strain on your IT resources, not the least of which is your staff’s time. The simple solution is help desks – a common and incredibly effective service that comes with managed IT support. When you hire a trusted MSP (Managed Service Provider), you can breathe easy knowing that your staff now has access to expert assistance when dealing with support tickets and quick responses to hardware errors.  

  • Seamless and Unified Communications

A popular managed IT support service, this ensures that your company-wide communications are expertly synced across all devices, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your staff. This not only streamlines your correspondences but is also thoroughly managed by your MSP so that you are free to focus on other crucial operations.

  • Data Backups

Always prepare for the worst when it comes to something as essential as your IT. Should a catastrophic loss of data occur, there is absolutely no reason why you should bear the brunt and have your business suffer in the bargain. Data backups can work either in tandem with or independently from your cloud computing. However, the major benefit is that it will avert a situation wherein your business is set back by several weeks or more due to a loss of data. This is a circumstance that can so easily be prevented just by choosing the right managed IT support to keep your information accessible and secure at all times.

  • Cloud Computing

The key feature of a robust IT infrastructure is migrating all your assets to the cloud. With the ever-present challenge of attempting to navigate through cloud computing, a reliable MSP knows exactly how to manage the transition without contributing to a surge in related costs. With the proper knowledge and expertise, you can store and share valuable data without a hitch. The perks here are exponential. You can fully trust that your cloud storage, network and operating systems are well protected when you invest in a dedicated MSP.

  • Perimeter Management

One of the more integral remote management services, perimeter management focuses on installing intrusion detection systems and firewalls to provide that added blanket of security to your computing system. To ensure that it remains immune to ever-evolving risks, these systems are regularly upgraded and maintained. It also guarantees that your software and hardware always deliver up to par as the configuration settings are managed remotely by our security experts.

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