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7 Little-Known Benefits of IT Support For Small Businesses in 2019

7 Little-Known Benefits of IT Support For Small Businesses in 2019

Your IT team is absolutely indispensable in this day and age. The advances in technology and the need to deliver quality services without delay has pushed IT to the forefront. Especially with small businesses, it’s not always possible to hire full-time tech staff owing to budget constraints. 


A whopping 27% of SMEs do not have any IT support, and about 43% of all cyberattacks are on small businesses. 


The solution is simple. For the modern-day enterprise, one thing is becoming more and more crucial – professional tech support services for your small business in Toronto. Remote managed IT services are invaluable as nearly any tech issue can be sorted out including scanning for malware, installing drivers, upgrading business software and more! This basically translates into fewer downtimes and no disgruntled customers!


What is managed IT support? This is offered by a third-party contractor and seeks to transfer the burden from the customer to the provider. It focuses on building an on-demand relationship with the client that is based on a predictable pricing model. Everything from troubleshooting, system maintenance, data backups, and software upgrades are taken care of. 


In this article, we explore the top 7 benefits of having a professional IT team on-call. 


  1. Phenomenal Response Times


Tech support is your wingman in 2019. When you have on-call people, there is a drastic reduction in the time between reporting a complaint and resolving it. Your managed IT provider has the right skill set and knowledge to service your network and computers on demand. The best part is that issues are resolved quickly and your customers will be none the wiser! 


  1. Increased Employee Productivity


Of course, the fewer the interruptions in the workflow process, the better – not just for customers but also employees. If your employees are constantly being distracted by IT issues, their primary responsibilities take second place. This drains business productivity. With managed tech support services, your staff can focus on core business roles and leave the tech to a trusted professional. 


  1. Access to a Wealth of Knowledge


Relying on the in-house computer whiz when an IT issue crops up just isn’t enough anymore. As a small business, you heavily depend on experienced people to tackle any issue. This support has to come with guaranteed expertise – and hiring one-off staff can be costly. With managed support, you can call on your technician as and when needed and they will be on hand to tackle any issue, giving you access to tremendous experience and knowledge. 


  1. Access to the Latest Technology


In the world of technology, advancements occur a mile a minute. How do you keep up? By onboarding people who’ve seen it all and are exposed to this world 24/7/. It’s impossible for you to know every new product, upgrade or software that hits the market. IT support stays up to date with these and assesses which works best with your business requirements. 


  1. Proactive Network Maintenance


Prevention is better than cure. A managed provider is always looking out for issues on your behalf. Oftentimes, the tech team will monitor your system around the clock and identify and fix problems before they can adversely impact your business. 


  1. Easy on the Wallet


Remote managed services are cheaper than having a designated in-house IT team. These providers will assess your business needs and customize an IT package from which you can benefit the most. That way, you’re only paying for what you need. And because they ensure that your IT is up and running with little to no downtimes, the costs you can recover by not losing out on revenues is immense. 


When you approach a trusted IT service provider like Tech Support, we draw out a long-term strategic IT plan on your behalf – as servicing immediate needs usually involve expensive and duplicated efforts. 


  1. After-Hours Support


24/7 365 – we’ll be there! Procedures like troubleshooting and data backups can be done at any time of the day. Thus, the bulk of your IT support won’t be carried out during business hours where it could potentially impede the regular workflow. 


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