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Bigger and Better Business: Office IT Relocation with Tech Support Companies

Bigger and Better Business: Office IT Relocation with Tech Support Companies

When working in such an up-tempo and tech-savvy city like Toronto, technology is a must-have. But as your business grows and needs more space to work out of, you’ll need to move offices to accommodate new and improved operations – and it can be every bit the hassle it sounds when you’re not prepared for it. Dealing with the relocation of your office I.T. is very stressful and it’s something you don’t want to waste your time on. Whether your problems only consist of sensitive equipment to deliver or services to stop and reactivate, or you need an entire office set up, working with tech support companies in Toronto can help you every step of the way.

7 Ways Tech Support Companies Simplify IT Relocation

  • Assess your technologies- Evaluate your equipments to ensure they are updated and functioning in top form.  Few services that we offer include:
    • Determine equipments if they can meet your standards
    • Fix problems on essential technologies
    • Environmental friendly disposal of old equipments
    • Upgrade any outdated softwares
  • Professional and early planning- In the last few moments ahead of your move in Toronto, with proper planning, tech support companies can have everything well and ready on the moving day. Things we do for preparation:
    • Visit the location to assure that all network requirements qualify
    • Contact all service providers your move date so they have everything setup before
  • Determine your proper communication requirement- The location might not match exactly what you need. Tech support companies in Toronto like ours will find out your what you require in the new location, such as:
    • Number of power outlets required
    • Amount of Cat5 and Cat6 cables
    • Amount of phone lines
  • Detailed Site Visit- Once we determined the communication requirement, a complete site visit report will be provided to ensure a successful move and make any changes you would like to make before moving in. During the visit, we would cover the following:
    • Review configuration plan
    • Establish ideal location for all technologies or electronics
    • Confirm all network requirements to be fulfilled
  • Secure your data- Well prepared for any circumstances, so nothing would go wrong to your data. Following steps would be followed during the move:
    • Store backup copies of important company data in our computer system and will be deleted immediately after the move
    • Providing compensations for full recovery
  • Move day preparation- Transporting your technology with special care and transit protection while experienced colleagues will be handling the job. On move day, we make sure to do the following:
    • Check that all wires and cables are labelled correctly
    • Contact list will be provided on everyone involved in the move
    • Proper disconnection of all equipment
  • Test your new network- Our technology support company want to provide you with services that you are satisfied with. After the moving process is done, we will walkthrough the following procedures with you:
    • Verify all equipments are placed correctly
    • Test features of the phone system( forwarding, voice message)
    • Test the function and speed of the network connection
    • Check internet and different browsers
    • Start all servers and check for accurate data migration

Do you want to make your office relocation stress-free and convenient? Tech Support Toronto will ensure your move will be better than ever, so your company can strive for success in fast-paced and highly digital Toronto. For more information call (416) 250-1040.

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