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Voice Over Internet Protocol (alias VoIP) is taking businesses by storm. But just what is it? And will your corporate communications improve if you make the switch from traditional landlines? In the next 6 minutes, you’re about to find out! Tech Support Toronto is a trusted Voice Over Internet protocol
It’s much too common for many small business owners to think that since they are so small and have under 100 employees they wouldn’t be at threat of a cyber attack. Sadly more than 70% of cyber-attacks are specifically on such businesses. And even more terrifyingly, research has found that
Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a big company falls under your authority, IT workstation maintenance is one of the most important tasks you might be missing out on. To run a business successfully, you need to maintain a strong IT infrastructure, avoid system failure and decrease system downtime.
Many companies only consider their online security and safety too late and invest in it after they personally get hit. As the world of business changes, we rely on technology, specifically our computers and the internet, more and more. Tech Support Toronto understands this and provides services to both prevent
As technology and people’s reliance on it develops likewise the rate of people trying to take advantage of it and you increases. Many companies start to think about online security too late and only invest in it after they personally get hit by an attack. Tech Support Toronto wants to
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