Growing your business from the ground up is exciting as it is rewarding, don’t you agree? You get to offer a product or service that you’re passionate about and reign in new customers by the minute. With new customers comes new opportunities and also…new challenges. For one, how do you
If you haven’t heard the term “IoT” being volleyed about, you’re missing out!    What is IoT technology? To put it simply, IoT refers to devices and gadgets that can collectively be used to transmit and store data. Given that about 26 billion computers will be in use by the
Your IT team is absolutely indispensable in this day and age. The advances in technology and the need to deliver quality services without delay has pushed IT to the forefront. Especially with small businesses, it’s not always possible to hire full-time tech staff owing to budget constraints.    A whopping
Cybersecurity.   A buzzword that seems to be inundating the online world in 2019 – and not without good reason.   Statistics Canada reported that 53.8% of companies have encountered a cybersecurity threat that prevented employees from carrying out their daily operations. 10.5% of these firms witnessed a significant loss
When was the last time you came across a data breach news? 2018 has been very well known for one of the largest data breach disasters that scaled up to millions of users losing their personally identifiable information. This impacted big players such as Facebook, Quora, Panera Bread, AccuDoc, British
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