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For many small businesses that run on tight budget constraints, cybersecurity for all their information may not always be their top priority. This is dangerous thinking as EVERY business in 2022 should have advanced, extensive cybersecurity measures in place. Without them, your business is susceptible to cyberattacks, ransomware thefts, stolen
Two-factor authentication is a safe and effective way of keeping your workplace’s digital system in good shape. Hackers can easily compromise your cybersecurity if they have access and control to one consistently used password. That’s why it’s important to back up your accounts with two-factor authentication and security keys to
Phishing email schemes are cyber attacks that try to compromise you by stealing your money, identity, or personal information through websites and links that pretend to be legitimate. Whether it’s credit card information, passwords, or sensitive data, phishing scams are a constant presence in your spam folders. If you run
For any business or company, big or small, having a reliable backup system for all your data, files, and relevant information is imperative to your daily operations. Dealing with and creating data can be an arduous task that requires a sufficient safety net to ensure nothing is leaked or corrupted.
Cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities for your business operations in 2022. In an increasingly vast digital environment, where more and more companies are relying on cloud-based software systems and Internet of Things devices, significant time should be taken to address potential weaknesses. Hackers are always on the
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