Technological advances have paved the way for changing demographics in various business sectors and customer behaviours. Small businesses are managed by individuals who make every possible effort to take care of all the departments. But, these business owners find it hard-won to invest time, knowledge and funds in the IT
2020. It sounds like such a futuristic year, and yet, we’re less than a month away from it.  Speaking of futuristic, the tech world has some choice surprises in store for us. New trends can feel like they come so fast so it’s important to keep up and really think
The holiday season comes with a lot of hassles for the businesses to deal with a load of issues and queries from customers. If your customers are not satisfied with your service, what would you do? Whether it’s a small business or a prominent brand, strategic customer support is the
Just as a fish cannot do without water, a business cannot do without tech support…not if it wants to survive anyway.    In the digital era, it’s hard to ignore the obvious. Technical support is incredibly crucial to support your products and services. A subset of this kind of support
Growing your business from the ground up is exciting as it is rewarding, don’t you agree? You get to offer a product or service that you’re passionate about and reign in new customers by the minute. With new customers comes new opportunities and also…new challenges. For one, how do you
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