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Bridging the Gap Between the Office and Home | Supercharge Your Business Towards the End of the Year

Bridging the Gap Between the Office and Home | Supercharge Your Business Towards the End of the Year

Office spaces are gradually welcoming back employees who have chosen to balance both in-person and remote work for their employers. Naturally, this requires a period of transition that bridges the gap between remote work practices and conduct in a physical space. To set you up for success and ensure your networks are secure, businesses will rely on IT workstation maintenance services to prevent network breakdowns and cybersecurity attacks. 

Tech Support Toronto is one such service that offers wireless network setup services and technology support for big and small businesses. We provide on-demand assistance with network, hardware, and office moving needs to ensure a productive workday for employees. With many returning to the office, we’ll go over how a fully scalable IT system can benefit your office and how you can reduce your spending on managed IT solutions. We’ll also look into ways you can secure your network when everyone eventually returns to work in person. 


How Can I Maximize A Fully Scalable IT Approach When Returning Full Time To The Office?

Scalability in the workplace often brings in more resources to help the business grow and personnel to thrive in productivity. To maximize this with regards to your IT approach, you’ll need to consider three important factors for workers who have chosen to return in person and those who adopt a hybrid approach: 


Migrating to Cloud-Based Systems

As more workplaces evolve, how important data is stored and protected has also changed in the past few decades. Cloud-based technologies have become a favourite tool for organizations looking for more flexible and agile tech solutions for employees to access work anywhere. 

Work done on a cloud-based system is stored and recorded via the Internet, as opposed to being stored physically on work premises. This means that they don’t take up valuable space on-site and you avoid sizable upfront costs and lost work. Because employees can work anywhere at any time, it creates more flexibility for their schedule and work ethic. Data is safely stored online and in various locations, making it an efficient hybrid working strategy. 


Remote Communication and Collaboration

For remote workers, it’s important to find ways to keep in touch anywhere. There are a variety of software applications and services that provide remote collaboration and communication between team members. With a range of options available, choosing the right one depends on their effectiveness and ability to reduce disruption and increase inclusion for your business. You should also take into account individual circumstances and the purpose of communication between different teams. 

Collaboration apps such as Slack, Zoom, Asana, and Microsoft Teams have made it much easier for businesses to conduct business from home and keep in touch with each other. Even if your personnel returns to the workplace, these apps enhance the work experience because of their flexibility and digital effectiveness. For example, you’ll be able to schedule in-person meetings in advance by choosing between a shared Zoom call or a group email. You can also think about whether one-on-one chats between co-workers can be done in person or in a private call. 


Enhanced Cybersecurity

In recent years, the increase of ransomware attacks and cybersecurity breaches has motivated businesses to enhance their cybersecurity and protect their data. The first step to minimizing your security vulnerabilities is through user awareness training. Here, you’ll want to train your employees to be the first line of defence and teach them ways to deal with potential cyber threats. 

Another way to enhance cybersecurity is by promoting two-factor authentication logins from your employees. This adds an extra layer of security that makes sure the correct person is logging in. You can allow a passcode to be sent to the employee’s phone in addition to entering their password. Additionally, you can also enforce mobile device management to configure and control the way devices are used for professional and personal use. 


Reduce Your Overall Spending With Managed IT Solutions

With these things in mind, it all traces back to your company’s spending on specific IT solutions. For tech support services, you can always hire outsourced help because they usually charge based on a subscription basis, meaning you only pay for the services you need. The same rule applies to cloud-based service providers. 

A good provider will significantly reduce your IT costs and risks, resulting in better working relationships, increased productivity, and more profit. From here, you’ll be able to balance your overall spending and ensure your network is secured when workers come into the office. Tech Support Toronto can always assist you in implementing the right IT solutions that are tailored to your office space.


Ensure Your Network Works at an Optimal Performance – Whether it’s Remote or In-Office!

We’ve gone over all the different things workplaces can do to digitally optimize their offices and improve productivity remotely. With apps made for remote communications and connectivity, combined with enhanced cybersecurity training and support services, workers will be able to work more flexibly than before. Your network operations will be secured and your team will be able to perform at optimal levels. 

Reach out to Tech Support Toronto for IT guidance and on-demand technical support for your ever-changing workplace. 

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