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Choosing A Strong Firewall To Protect Your Small Business Network | Reliable IT Data Security Services in Toronto

Choosing A Strong Firewall To Protect Your Small Business Network | Reliable IT Data Security Services in Toronto

Your company’s data is your priority. If a malicious cyber-attack compromised it, it would backlog you for an indefinite period. Is your business equipped with the most advanced software that can combat a potential hacking disaster?

We provide strong and reliable cybersecurity for small businesses in Toronto firewalls that can help your business run smoothly and stay secure. 

The firewall has transformed over the last decade as the evolution of business networks, and advances in cyber threat hacking have caused security measurements to change. Our IT support services in Toronto can help your small business combat new malware technology and secure your data. Should you install a safe firewall for your business? Yes! We explain why.


How Do I Secure My Small Business Network?

If you own a computer, you most likely will have a sense of using a firewall. Firewalls block unauthorized access that can make your network vulnerable, including protecting against viruses, cyberattacks and malware.

Installing a strong firewall is paramount in ensuring the safety of your business operations. Integrating your security configurations with multiple cloud services, your firewall’s capacity with grow alongside your business. Using a firewall as a service is a much more affordable alternative than installing clunky hardware.

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Does My Small Business Need a Firewall?

Firewalls monitor in real-time as it passes between your serves, your computer and the web browser to ensure that nothing malicious gets through. A poorly-managed firewall can hinder staff productivity, block legitimate activity and stagger workflow. The last thing you want is a server filled with frustrated users. 

Here are some advantages in installing a strong firewall for your business:


Improves business processes

Firewalls provide 24/7 network protection even when you’re off the clock. They maintain appropriate system configurations while sending you alerts in case of threats. While you are focused on running your company, firewalls ensure that your software and hardware are updated frequently.

Streamline business objectives amongst all members of your staff and implement an impervious line of defence. 


Prevent unauthorized access

A security breach will have negative consequences on the structure of your business. A secure firewall can block hackers from accessing your files and sensitive data so that you can continue running a successful business. A firewall will alert your team of an attempted security breach, giving you plenty of time to respond before the situation becomes serious.


Protect local networks

Protecting back-end servers is crucial in securing your business’ data. Cyber-attacks often happen due to wireless networks being exposed. Firewall restrictions can be applied at a global level and allow your local ethernet network to continue to work safely.

Firewalls allow you to control which network ports should be enabled and which ones should be blocked to limit full access to your primary wi-fi network.


What are the 3 Types of Firewalls?

Hardware Firewalls – Implemented as a physical appliance in data centers of your workplace. 

Software Firewalls – Installed as a code on your computer, these firewalls contain the comprehensive capabilities of hardware firewalls but take shape as a virtual machine.

Cloud Firewalls – Software as a Service (Saas) is increasingly becoming more popular as they are designed to encrypt crucial data and resources. These are virtual firewalls are regularly updated and best adjusted for smaller businesses.


Prevent Cyberthreats with a Secure Firewall | IT Data Services in Toronto

While there are no 100% security measures, we can provide you with reliable IT security that will protect your company’s assets.

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