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Cyber Crime Will Reach an Alarming High in 2019. Are Your Web Properties Malware Protected?

Cyber Crime Will Reach an Alarming High in 2019. Are Your Web Properties Malware Protected?

If you’re a business owner, your digital assets are the pumping life force that contribute to a lucrative bottom line. But are those assets as well protected from malware attacks as you think?

The Rise of Cyber Crime and its Increasing Threat to the Online World

Cyber security has picked up immense traction in recent times and for good reason too! As high-profile breaches have become a standard issue, cyber risk has risen to the top of the agenda. Hacking attacks and security failures have endangered the global economy to an alarming extent. At the heart of most cyber crime attacks is the installation of malware on internet-connected devices without the consent of the owner. With an alarming rise in the number of malware-related attacks, and conversely, a large number of core infrastructures connected to the internet, tech support in Toronto is the need of the hour.

In our increasingly digitized landscape, nearly three quarters of businesses in Europe and North America conduct their transactions through online mediums. Naturally, criminal activity through these mediums has increased as a result. Most specifically, malicious programs like malware are becoming a threat to the online community – with many business owners having fallen victim to them. What normally ensues is a catastrophic loss of data or unauthorized access to confidential information. Either way, it puts businesses at a great disadvantage and backlogs operations by months, if not years!

In the past, powerhouse American retailers like Home Depot and Target were among the many that endured a loss of vital customer information and credit card data as a result of cyber crime. Looking for better defense strategies against this growing evil is a pressing issue now more than ever.

What is Malware and How Does it Compromise Systems?

So what exactly constitutes malware? Trojans, viruses, fake software (phishing), bots, rootkits and spyware are usually leveraged by attackers to compromise computer systems and access your sensitive data. So advanced are these malware vectors, in fact, that they allow the attacker to establish a permanent presence in your system. As opposed to popular belief, malware doesn’t merely cause frustrating downtimes or temporary system disruptions, it can, in reality, have detrimental long-term implications. Perhaps the major motivator that prompts attackers to use malware is to siphon a company’s intellectual property or access a person’s bank credentials.

Attackers have become extremely astute with the manner in which they plant malware into an unsuspecting user’s system. This is usually done through launching denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, sending spam as an email attachment and tricking the user into clicking on an advertisement that gives the attacker access to the system.

Is the Problem Even Bigger than the Solution?

While many assume that malware is a mere trifle, it actually belies a growing and thriving criminal operation. There are many official bodies in place to fight organized cyber crime, however, quite often these efforts cannot outdo the sheer rampancy of the situation. Every year, over a million devices are compromised by malware and are subsequently re-purposed for the attacker’s intention. It has come to the point that security measures are simply playing catch up to these threats. Evidently, there is still plenty of work to be done to tackle the issue on an urgent basis.

There are several discrepancies about the true extent of the problem. While most who are aware of hacking and malware know about it from a Hollywood thriller, based on cyber espionage, in reality, it is a very large and mature industry. In fact, there are plenty of malware vectors that actually come with updates, instructional videos and patches whenever there is a new version of an operating software. Many cyber attackers will even go to the extent of using expensive and high-grade malware to infiltrate your system. If proper measures aren’t taken, no one will be safe from these types of attacks.

Where Does That Leave Business Owners and Their Confidential Data?

You aren’t completely bereft of a solution in this regard. Granted, malware is ever evolving, but so is the spectrum of protection. When you approach an experienced and reliable tech support provider, you are protecting your system from spyware, worms, viruses and other such harmful attacks. This is why it is crucial, now more than ever, to invest in anti-virus solutions that are specifically designed to stay two steps ahead of cyber criminals. This means that, not only are you taking proactive steps to reinforce the integrity of your system come what may, you are also allowing for real-time code execution and system monitoring so that there are no interrupted operations whatsoever.

We Can Help! Tech Support Toronto Protects You and Your System From Malware Attacks

Your digital security begins right here. Invest in proven and powerful anti-virus solutions so that you never get the short end of the stick when it comes to cyber crime. Start today and stay protected! Call (416) 250-1040 to know more.

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