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Cyber Security for Law Firms in Ontario

Cyber Security for Law Firms in Ontario

The high frequency and severity of law firm data breaches and hacks can result in a slippery slope regarding company financial losses. Though law firms advise their clients on maintaining strict cybersecurity regarding their data privacy and personal information. Tech Support Toronto offers advanced tech support regarding privacy and security that are associated with law firms and safeguards important information from being released. 

Expert Cyber Security Installation

 Law firms manage simultaneous cases and client affairs, and while attorneys try their best to keep all confidential matters private, cybersecurity breaches threaten the client’s personal data. Cybersecurity breaches are a growing threat among the law firm industry, and unfortunately, 19% of law firms had no idea that their system had even been breached. Failing to keep confidential information safe from the public or unwanted members can result in reputational damage and a drastic decrease in clientele.

Tech Support Toronto acknowledges the consequences associated with neglecting a client’s cyber-secure data as it can result in breaking local, provincial and even federal laws. Attorneys must be extremely careful of online requirements that can further develop into negative repercussions. Your law firm doesn’t have to be vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches if they employ the services of our professional cybersecurity team in Ontario.

The Benefits of Cybersecurity for Law Firms

Some simple but highly effective methods can go a long way when it comes to protecting your clients’ personal information and case sensitive files. Using complex passwords and changing them monthly, using two-factor authentication for network access, limiting access to participants directly involved in the operation and keeping software current will decrease your chances of your network getting hacked.

In order to shield confidential information and sensitive cases from hackers, we provide our attorneys with the most efficient solutions. Here are some of the more sophisticated effects of safeguarding your law firm network:

Your Network Is Visible: Full visibility and a real-time picture of traffic patterns identify strange or unusual activity that might be caused by potential attackers. You will have no blind spots when it comes to your site, decreasing potential cyber breaches.

   Reduce Application Risk: Ensure that access is solely granted to required participants or those allowed in the development. Allowing only authorized users will safeguard your network against intruders.

Overall Understanding of Critical Applications: Comprehending how your imperative applications can be exposed to internal and external risks will result in a combative plan against hacking. We help you assess your network to optimize the protection against future cyberattacks. 

Protection Against Internal Attacks: We install lockdown features that detect internal attacks accompanied by malware, ransomware and advanced AP lateral threats.

Skilled Cyber Security To Protect Your Law Firm

Tech Support Toronto will ensure that your law firm network will be properly protected from incoming hackers and security breaches through improving your workstation maintenance, keeping your firewall updated and implementing advanced tools to tackle even the most complex online threats.

Don’t compromise your law firm’s established reputation by being vulnerable to online threats and invasion of privacy.

Your law firm won’t have the added stress of security breaches with proper malware installation. For further information, please call us at 416-250-1040.

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