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Cybersecurity for Remote Businesses: Stay Protected in 2021

Cybersecurity for Remote Businesses: Stay Protected in 2021

Is Working From Home Secure?

Yes, but you must have adequate security software installed, and understand the vulnerabilities to your business that can arise from cyber attacks. Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of remote work because they know that companies’ assets are sensitive in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tech Support Services offers reliable IT data security services in Toronto that provides on-demand tech expertise to protect your remote business from security breaches.


What Are Some of the Cyber Threats to Companies and the Employee Working From Home?

Phishing: A majority of hackers are posing as government and health care officials to obtain case sensitive information though disguised emails, phone calls and texts. Employees working remotely should never share company information if they were not expecting the request.

Weak Passwords: The overwhelming majority of cyberattacks arise from weak and compromised passwords. Frequently updated, detailed passwords decrease the chances of a hacker easily accessing your company data. If you are working from home especially, it is advisable to change your passwords once a week.

Hackers are constantly changing their tactics and modifying their techniques to adapt to infiltrate even the most secure networks. If you want to stay one step ahead, you have to enlist professional virus and spyware removal services in Toronto.

Learn more about cybersecurity with Tech Support Toronto and feel confidently safe!

You shouldn’t have to worry about your company falling victim to a cyberattack while working from home. Call one of our experts and secure your network today at 1-866-667-1040

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