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Own a Small Business? This is How Cybersecurity Increases Your Profits in 2019!

Own a Small Business? This is How Cybersecurity Increases Your Profits in 2019!

Cybercrime attacks in 2019 are rampant. Apart from increasing dramatically, they are also getting very sophisticated.

How many small businesses get hacked? In 2018, 43% of cyber attacks were on small businesses and only 14% of these businesses were able to offset these risks and protect their networks.

Especially in prolific and mile-a-minute cities like Toronto, cybersecurity for small businesses has become #1 on the agenda.

If you’re a small business owner, don’t fret! We can help reinforce your IT system with powerful anti-virus solutions. The bottom line? Your network will be able to ward off even the most advanced cyber threats.


Cybersecurity is a Vital Organ in Your Business’s Anatomy

Small businesses are under siege in a big way. Perhaps a reason for cybercriminals to target small companies, in particular, is the assumption that SMEs present greater vulnerabilities.

Your average cybercriminal isn’t exactly a sharpshooter in that they don’t have their prey mapped out from the start. In fact, most of them have a haphazard technique for getting to their final target.

What do we mean by this? Well, most of them tend to rely on opportunity rather than carefully orchestrating an attack. Small companies simply get caught in the fray and become part of the alarming statistic.

Perhaps a question on your mind is, What is an example of a cyber crime?” Cyber crimes are wide as they are varied. Some of the more common ones are phishing, identity theft, hacking, inciting terrorism or hate and child pornography.

Now that we know what cyber crime is, it begs the question; What exactly is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity employs various tactics to protect your IT infrastructure (computers, networks, data, and programs) from unsolicited attacks that are intended to exploit your interests.

With a well-rounded IT security plan, your small business won’t be put out in the slightest. Below, we explain just how this contributes to greater revenues in 2019!


Protects Your Data and Programs 24/7

When you invest in a robust cybersecurity plan in 2019, you are placing a digital armor over your business. And because trusted IT support providers offer advanced protection against phishing, malware, hacking, and other popular attacks, you won’t have to bat an eyelid regardless of the looming threat.

This eventually contributes to uninterrupted business processes, where your profit margins won’t be swayed by unforeseen downtimes or breaches.


Increases Employee Productivity

When your employees are able to carry out their operations without being exposed to Ransomware or Adware, the quality of their work automatically increases. They can surf the web without fear of putting confidential company information at risk.

Moreover, if your network has a virus, it can slow down each computer’s speed to an agonizing crawl – not a savory prospect for your employees or the clients they’re catering to.

A question we often get asked is, “How do I train my employees for cybersecurity?

Train your employees by having them practice on an attack carried out by a security department, incorporating awareness about cyber threats right from recruitment, having them conduct periodic system evaluations, rewarding those who detect and make others aware of malicious emails or viruses, etc.


Instills Customer Confidence in Your Business

Customers care about their personal data. They want to be assured that you care just as much. That means that your customers should live and breathe in the confidence that your business is doing all it can to ward off breaches and keep their personal information from being compromised.

Trust, once forged, is your greatest ally in business. Even this simple measure of securing your digital assets goes such a long way to not only retain existing customers but attract new ones!


Increases Network Uptimes and Revenues!

Perhaps the biggest blessing of having a great cybersecurity plan by your side is an uninterrupted workflow. That’s right! Especially if your business is one that hosts its own website, you need a system that does not get infected lest that results in tremendous downtimes.

Cybersecurity offsets this outcome. Unauthorized breaches are pruned to a minimum, meaning you won’t have to put up with lost transactions. And because you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your operations, that translates into one major thing – increased revenues!


Cybersecurity is Your Lifeline in 2019

There’s only one way to keep sophisticated cybercrime attacks at bay, and that’s by investing in proven and powerful anti-virus solutions.

Tech Support Toronto has protected countless networks from malware, phishing attacks, and viruses. Now it’s your turn! Start today and stay prepared.

Contact us to learn how we can protect your network in the new year!

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