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How Cybersecurity Can Make (or Break) Your Business Profit

How Cybersecurity Can Make (or Break) Your Business Profit

Protecting your personal information and case-sensitive data requires expert cybersecurity installation. You are vigilant and careful regarding your business choices, and cybersecurity is at the top of your priorities. 

Considering that COVID has complicated numerous business ventures, virus and spyware removal in Toronto has significantly increased. Tech Support Toronto meets new challenges head-on and is dedicated to protecting important assets that can be lost during malicious cyber attacks. 

We answer the most pressing questions regarding online business protection down below.


How Do Cyber Attacks Affect Businesses?

A weak cybersecurity system can damage your business and result in permanent financial damage. Here are some ways your company can be affected:

Reputational Damage: Breaching customer trust can result in losing long-time loyal customers to your competitors, with the additional disadvantage of negative media coverage
Financial Loss: Steep debt that is caused by a violation of corporate information, disruption in trading and loss of customer financial data.
Legal Infringement: Breaching government laws can result in a regulatory fine or sanction.

The use of technology enables a business to immediately create a reliable customer service partnership and increase company profit. If your network and personal data are compromised, your reputation, financial gains and legalities will be penalized.


How Many Cyber Attacks Happened in 2020?

Cyber attackers hack a network every 39 seconds, 2,244 times a day. In 2020 alone, approximately 48,500 Canadian accounts were a victim of a cyber attack incident.

It has been estimated that 21% of all Canadian businesses were impacted by cybersecurity breaches. 54% of that statistic prevented the employees from returning to work and an additional 30% experienced additional recovery costs. 

Getting proper tech help in Toronto will protect your business from being a statistic.


What is the Cost of a Cyber Attack?

Global cybersecurity losses accounted for $945 billion (US currency) in 2020. An individual Canadian data breach costs $190, while Canadian small businesses spend on average of $12,000 to recover important data from the cyber attack. Protect you and your business from unauthorized access by hiring our skilled IT services.


What are the Top 5 Cyber Threats?

Tech Support Toronto offers dependable IT data security services in Toronto that will shield you and your business from malicious cyber intruders. What happens when your network’s cybersecurity is infiltrated? With the rise of advanced cybersecurity technologies, online breaches have become increasingly more popular.

⏩ Ransomware, malware and malicious viruses
⏩ Cloud vulnerability
⏩ Scams and frauds
⏩ Identity theft
⏩ Poor firewall preventing threats from breaching


Is Poor Software Development the Biggest Cyber Threat?

Poor software development gives away your personal data to hackers that can quickly invade your network and damage your industry reputation. 

Poor software development includes:

⏩ Outdated software
⏩ Lack of proper network protection
⏩ Spam email
⏩ No data backup on a hard drive
⏩ Unprotected home networks


What are Different Methods of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is crucial in shielding sensitive data and personal information, protecting against financial theft and guarding government intelligence. Society is increasingly relying on technology and its connected resources to ease our day-to-day activities and for good reasons. Protect your assets and essential data by following some foolproof ways.

Here are some ways that you can shield your personal information from online intruders: 

⏩ Installing strong antivirus software including firewalls and tough privacy tools
⏩ Keep software up-to-date
⏩ Create a strong and unguessable password
⏩ Encrypt all stored and transmissive sensitive information
⏩ Always back up your data


Protect Your Business and Your Assets – Hire Our IT Data Security Services in Toronto!

Don’t wait until your network’s business has been compromised to take action against unauthorized cyber breaches. Combat malicious attacks by calling us at 416-250-1040!

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