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How To Make “my Computer” Shortcut Icon On Windows 10 Desktop

Step 2 – On the iPhone tab of iTunes, click the Restore button to begin the factory reset process. You will be able to choose here whether you want to back up your personal files first, which is always recommended if you don’t want to lose anything. You need to restart your computer from an an external device—preferably a device that has the Lion Installer on it-if you want to reformat the drive. Otherwise, assuming you have a valid recovery partition, you can erase the Mac partition itself and reinstall Lion without an external device. OS X Base System is the recovery partition . To use it just boot into Recovery Mode by pressing Command+R when starting the system.

  • Files can still be dragged from the tree view to the right side, and within the right side, but no more from right to left.
  • I’ll show you how to delete those, too, in just a moment.
  • If a computer is turned off when a file is updated from another device, IDrive will update that file, once the computer is on and connected to the Internet.
  • Safari is the default browser of macOS, which is vital access for Mac users to search the Web.
  • To return to the previous window, simply press any button.

This has not only promoted creativity but has also helped many people to start their own creative and smart venture online. While YouTube has proven to be such a boon, its features are something that has been making the Google-owned website to provide recommendations to people as per their watch history. However, many users have started reporting YouTube watch history not working problems online. If you have been wondering about why is my YouTube watch history not updating, do not worry, here is all you need. One of the first things to do if you are experiencing any YouTube TV problems is to check the compatibility site. For example, if you are trying to use YouTube TV on an older Apple TV device, the compatibility site makes it clear you do need to use the fourth-generation version that supports 4K. YouTube support is redirecting users who are facing issues with the Roku app to their general troubleshooting steps for video streaming issues.

Try A Soft Reset Of Your Device

And that might find be the reason why your Maps are behaving weirdly. Thus, clearing data and cache of Google Maps can solve the issue. Follow the following steps to fix the Google Maps stopping issue. Head to Google play store and download a third-party app like “GPS Status & Toolbox” to reset the GPS data. Like, by opening other applications on your device which can run on the internet, such as Youtube. Or you can directly check your connection speed via the speedtest website, and if you are an iOS user, then download a speed test applicationand check about your internet speed.

Remove Apple Id

But, more importantly, it is dangerous because it can access your private browsing data and even ask you for money at some point to unlock certain features. ITunes is an useful tool, but some times it cannot work well and always requires lots of steps. There is still an easy way to reset iPhone without needing Apple ID and password, but you need to know the screen passcode of your iPhone. Besides, the Find My iPhone option need to be turned off. If Find My iPhone is disabled, 4uKey will start to remove Apple ID and finish the whole process in a few minutes. Here’s how you can factory reset AirPods Pro in order to fix Bluetooth issues or any other issues which might be plaguing you for a while. Step 1 – Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and open up your iTunes program.

If there is enough space left on your external hard drive for a backup, there’s nothing stopping you from using it. However, make sure that the disk is formatted correctly. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to erase the data stored there and reformat it. Sometimes you may feel like that there’s less and less application memory on your Mac, and you want to delete some apps to free up space, OneDrive is on your list.

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