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IT Data Security Do’s and Don’ts: What Small Business Owners Must Know To Get Ahead in 2021 | IT Data Security Services Toronto

IT Data Security Do’s and Don’ts: What Small Business Owners Must Know To Get Ahead in 2021 | IT Data Security Services Toronto

It’s much too common for many small business owners to think that since they are so small and have under 100 employees they wouldn’t be at threat of a cyber attack. Sadly more than 70% of cyber-attacks are specifically on such businesses. And even more terrifyingly, research has found that about 50% of small businesses have been compromised and had a security breach in the last year. 

Tech Support Toronto works with small businesses and large alike providing IT data security services in Toronto. With our wireless network set up services in Toronto, we can get you started to a more secure tomorrow no matter your technical and technological experience.


Why Do They Target Small Businesses?

In a strategy much like chess, many of these hackers and cyber attackers are relying on the fact you are small and unlikely to have any security to break through and collect data and information to sell off with ease. A significant amount of attacks aim to obtain personal data and use in credit card or identify theft. But why waste the time? That’s another aspect, many of these people have programs set up to do everything automatically. So while they are sleeping these programs can breach multiple businesses with little to no effort on their part past setting up the initial program. 

There are multiple ways they can slip through even if you have malware defence on your computers and such, from lacking IT security, employee training, missing updates of security programs, failure to secure endpoints, and just a general lack of awareness of the risks.


How Do I Protect Myself, Employees, and Clients?

Firewalls and Malware defences

The first step is having a firewall and malware defences for sure, many computers come with these preinstalled but these can be lacking and easily forgotten; leading to them not being updated frequently. Many companies have started installing internal firewalls for additional protection. This, of course, includes employees working from home as well; leaks can happen anywhere so some even provide software and support for an employee’s home network to ensure protection.


Employee Education

A huge way to up security and protection is general education, no matter someone’s position in the company it’s important they understand and avoid any potential risks. Phishing emails might seem easily avoidable and obvious as a scam to some while others might not realize this, even just one person clicking a link and accidentally downloading malware can be a risk to everyone. 



On the topic of employee education and security, their passwords can be another risk. Of course, they can choose whatever password they want, and typically people pick something memorable so they don’t get locked out of the company email. But password security has changed over the years and having your childhood dog’s name plus the year you were born is getting more and more easier to crack. Recommend to employees to swap out old passwords used for years, and to use different passwords on different sites. Then if “ilovespot82” is compromised not everything is in vain.


Make Backups

Even with all these defences set up, it’s still possible to have a breach happen at some point. That’s why it is recommended to back up documents, spreadsheets, financials, human resources files, databases, accounts, and more. Backups are good for more than just protection against hackers too, having backups on the cloud and in a separate location protect against disasters such as a flood or fire. 


Boost Your Defences with Tech Support Toronto

Don’t let these attackers slip past your castle defences without a fight. We offer a range of customized tech support plans to fit your business and needs, whether you have 10 employees or 1000. Talk to us today to get a free consultation!

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