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Are you a small business owner? If so, your I.T. assets are the pulsing lifeforce behind your operations. We’ll let you in on a little secret. When these assets are properly leveraged, you will have a very robust tool on your hands to reach your customers!

Enjoy a Powerful I.T. Support Experience with Tech Support Toronto 

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When you’re busy running a business, dealing with malfunctioning technology is the last thing you want to do. Your time is valuable and you need reliable I.T. to help you stay productive and effective.

Tech Support Toronto is a professional I.T. support service provider with a simple goal; to take your I.T. assets to their highest potential. Our solutions play an important role in streamlining your activities, whether they are logistics, inventory, production or customer service. Every facet of your business is transformed for the better with the right technical support!

We have an outstanding record of IT success in various industries - let's talk!

We offer more than just I.T. services. We solve real-life business problems in efficient ways. Partner with us to discover how effective aligning the right technology with your business goals can be.

At Tech Support Toronto, we make sure you have the right tools to improve your business’s:

  • Data security
  • Server maintenance
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Web presence
  • Web responsiveness
  • Clunky hardware
  • And so much more!

What do you mean by technical support?

Tech support services include monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks within an organization. Whether that includes configuration, installation, diagnosing hardware and software issues and solving technical application problems - either over the phone or in person.

As with many small- and medium-sized enterprises, you don’t have an endless budget to cater to your I.T. At Tech Support Toronto, we reveal how you can tap into effective managed I.T. services without breaking the bank! Reliability, professionalism and, most importantly, affordability are at the heart and soul of what we do.

Fast Repair Services

When computers breakdown or warranties expire, don’t waste your time: Trust in the Repair and Warranty Centre at M.I.T. Consulting.

We are an authorized Lenovo and Toshiba repair/warranty center, available to help you determine if your machine is in warranty and when the warranty expires, or fix any computer problems you may have.

Our expert technicians also provide a wide range of repair services, including:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Wireless network setup
  • Software suite installation
  • System upgrades
  • Hardware repair
  • System recovery
  • And more!

Expert I.T. Relocation Services

Moving your business to another location? We understand. Relocating your I.T. can be a nightmare – disconnecting tangled wires, packaging sensitive equipment, cutting off and reactivating services.

We have great news! You can now simplify the whole process to eliminate downtimes and quickly get your I.T. set up with I.T. Relocation:

  • We map the move carefully to reduce downtimes and avoid mishaps.
  • Our team expertly disconnects computers and other hardware.
  • The next step is to package your assets (includes bubble wrapping) to protect them from potential impact during transport.
  • We also tag all hardware to keep track of them.
  • We perform network and telecom cable installation.
  • Following which, our team undertakes computer hardware and telephone cleaning.
  • After reconnecting your hardware at the new location, we perform network script testing to ensure optimal performance.
  • Our team undertakes service reactivation and vendor management to make sure the Internet and phones will be on when you move in.
  • The last step is to perform detailed audits of all items to keep accurate track of their location at all times.

How Your Business Benefits From Tech Support Services

What are the benefits of outsourcing I.T. services? Below, we touch upon some of the more impressive benefits that you get to enjoy with a reliable I.T. provider. Your provider works around the clock to keep your I.T. infrastructure at its very best!

  • Allows you to budget effectively by controlling costs; play only for what you need!
  • Hiring and training I.T. staff are costly! Outsourcing the work helps your in-house human resources focus on matters of a more immediate nature.
  • You can access trained, experienced, certified and qualified I.T. technicians who have decades of knowledge and expertise to handle any software and hardware crisis that comes your way.
  • You don’t have to catch an I.T. provider up to speed when problems do occur, thus delaying a speedy resolution. With an on-call designated tech support team, you will have a group of specialists who are already familiar with your infrastructure.
  • You can increase your competitiveness and efficiency by tapping into your provider’s accessible development, research and implementation expertise, this cutting on costs tremendously.
  • Your provider swiftly implements new technology so that your projects can start benefiting from them right away. Attempting to handle these same projects yourself may take weeks if not months.
  • We understand; you have limited time and resources. Because your I.T. infrastructure is being looked after by the best in the business, you are able to avoid distractions and focus on your core business.
  • Risks are greatly reduced as your provider will manage as much of the risk as possible for you. Especially in terms of compliance and security issues, your provider has specific knowledge to help you make smart moves at the right time.
  • Small companies cannot afford to compete with the larger in-house I.T. support teams of their wealthier competitors. Outsourcing is a wonderful alternative as it gives you access to similar technologies used by bigger companies!
  • Cybersecurity is a huge benefit of I.T. support. Apart from ensuring that your firewall is updated, your provider also leverages advanced tools and technologies to tackle ever-evolving online threats.

Analyzing Your Business

Just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two businesses are the same either! We dislike using a one-size-fits-all technology tactic for your business. Instead, we’ll take into account your company, daily operations, and long-term goals. Tell us about your staff and how you use I.T. every day.

This elevates our understanding and how best to serve you. Together we;

  • Learn how much I.T. affects productivity
  • Discover security loopholes
  • Find industry-specific I.T. solutions for your requirements

Creating an I.T. Strategy to Eliminate Weak Links

Offering customer support, tracking daily logistical data, selling your product, charting your next advertising creative – it all happens online. We’ll work with you to create a plan to keep technology aligned with your business goals.

If you focus only on investments that meet short-term benefits, you might find yourself drawing the short end of the straw. Immediate needs offer few benefits and usually come attached with high costs and duplicated/repetitive efforts.

  • Invest in I.T. services that work for you
  • Connect all your tech purchases to long-term goals
  • Leverage the right assets at the right time to improve productivity

Safeguarding Your Assets With Advanced Cybersecurity

Statistics reveal that about 53% of small businesses are online. 27% of these businesses have no I.T. support whatsoever. The average dollar loss of a malware attack on a small company is a startling $2.4 million!

Cybercrime attacks are rampant. Apart from increasing dramatically, they are also getting very sophisticated. Some of the more common ones are phishing, identity theft, hacking, inciting terrorism or hate and child pornography.

Cybersecurity employs various tactics to protect your I.T. infrastructure (computers, networks, data, and programs) from unsolicited attacks that are intended to exploit your interests. This is a major perk of I.T. support services.

Your infrastructure is protected by advanced software that deflects online threats and prevents unauthorized access into your system.

When you invest in a robust cybersecurity plan, you are placing a digital armor over your business. And because trusted I.T. support providers offer advanced protection against phishing, malware, hacking, and other popular attacks, you won’t have to bat an eyelid regardless of the looming threat.

You get to enjoy uninterrupted business processes, where your profits won’t be swayed by tech downtimes or breaches.

Are You Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Huh, what a coincidence. So are we!

With Tech Support Toronto, put your technology to good use and stay two steps ahead of cybercrime attacks. You can bank on fast, reliable and expert services that take the burden off your shoulders.

Our team vows to bring you up-to-the-minute information about the various trends in the industry and help your business benefit from them.

Contact us today and let’s grow your business together!

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