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Kick Off 2022 With Smart Cyber Security Tips | Start With Our Affordable Tech Support!

Kick Off 2022 With Smart Cyber Security Tips | Start With Our Affordable Tech Support!

Cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities for your business operations in 2022. In an increasingly vast digital environment, where more and more companies are relying on cloud-based software systems and Internet of Things devices, significant time should be taken to address potential weaknesses. Hackers are always on the prowl, looking for new victims for their phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and malware invasion. Thankfully, there are many ways to start implementing cybersecurity measures to protect your business’ workers and data. 

Tech Support Toronto is an IT support company that provides IT data security services for various small businesses. Our team of experienced IT specialists will provide your business with a reliable support team for any technical issues. Additionally, we’ll also provide cybersecurity guidance and preventative measures you can take to proactively keep hackers out. 

In this article, we’ll go over how a supportive IT security team like ours will help improve your data storage systems. We’ll also explain why you should back up your company’s files frequently and update your password as often as you can. 

How Does IT Security Help Improve Data Storage And File Management?

An IT security team’s purpose is to ensure your confidential, valuable company data is stored in a secure environment and is only accessible to authorized personnel. With many companies choosing to store their information on cloud software, IT cybersecurity teams make it easier for workers to access it and view it whenever they’re at work. Moreover, they can help input procedures and processes to better organize and manage different files.

Without the support of a professional IT team, your data may be put in a vulnerable location with no cybersecurity measures in place. In addition, there may also be a lack of oversight, as an employee may accidentally give someone unauthorized access to information without the right permission. From that point, your data may be compromised.

IT cybersecurity teams like Tech Support Toronto are the cybersecurity safety net for your small business. Without the proper IT support, you may risk yourself to many cybersecurity attacks you may not yet be aware of. This goes into our next topic of backing up your company’s important data and film as often as you can.

Why Should I Back Up My Business Files Regularly?

Whether it’s the result of a cybersecurity ransomware incident or sudden power outage, having backups for ALL your data can go a long way in protecting the integrity and value of your business. As hacking attacks may become more frequent, you need to let your workers know how and when to backup important data. You can also transfer this job to a member of your IT support team, who may help set up an automatic backup system to safely store all your information. You should be doing this for all the devices your business uses and double-check their access to crucial files.

Although external hard drives have their uses as effective backup systems, they won’t be able to deal with a severe security breach that affects your entire company. If you do lose sensitive information as a result of a hack, having a backup ensures it can be safely recovered afterwards. If no cybersecurity measures are in place and you have not taken the time to backup your data, it can be damaging for your business.

IT support teams are most useful here because they can provide guidance on your next steps and help you adopt preventative measures to keep hackers out. It’s important to note that all recoverable data may be corrupted or not as secure as before. An IT staff from our team will be able to assist in making sure all your data is safe to reinstall and backed up in a secure location.

Frequently backing up your data helps you avoid the cost and stress of downtime for your business, helping you to maintain high levels of productivity. However, in addition to doing that, you should also be training your employees to update their passwords very often.

Why Should I Update Passwords Frequently?

By updating your passwords on a frequent, but not daily basis, access to important data is not kept in stasis and you’ll keep hackers guessing. When creating new passwords, aim for at least 12 characters and include symbols, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. A long, unique password that you can easily remember makes it more difficult for hackers to access.

Another way to strengthen the integrity of your password and cybersecurity is to activate multi-factor authentication. This ensures that all the devices your employee uses are protected from hacking and data loss.

Every software should have a function like this available and is easy to set up. It’s usually done by sending a special confirmation code via text to a mobile device. The code is then entered when prompted by the account within a limited timeframe. This gives your workplace a second line of cybersecurity defense in case a password is stolen.

Book a consultation with Tech Support Toronto today to learn more ways to improve your company’s cybersecurity efforts. Contact our IT Support specialists now to protect your valuable data now!

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