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How To Manage Office Relocation in Toronto On A Budget

How To Manage Office Relocation in Toronto On A Budget

Moving into a new office may be very exciting for most people, especially if you are moving into a bigger space with more room to work and be productive as a team. But moving is not as easy as it sounds, and without planning ahead, this could cause costly downtimes and disruption of your workflow. That’s why office relocation is way more than just finding a place and moving in. By working with tech support companies in Toronto, you can ensure that your office relocation is made quick and pleasant.
Here are some simple steps to follow to make your office relocation effortless.

Practice Teamwork

Every employee in your company is affected by the relocation. So once you have all the information, including time and the location, it’s time to make sure everyone participate in this activity for the following reasons.

Firstly, everyone has to pack their stuff before the moving date; you can even encourage your team to share with each other useful tips for making packing a breeze. Also, it’s important to make sure everyone is involved. In order for everyone to be a part of the process, you will need to provide a floor plan of the new location, an idea box for everyone’s ideal office and gather volunteers to cover each area.

Create a Budget

Since you want to move on a budget, the best way to stay in budget is to create one. This may seem very easy but this is a vital part to your relocation.

It is recommended to create two sets of budgets. One is solely for the relocation and the other one is for the planning and setting up your equipment in the new office. You should make the budget sheet accessible to all your colleagues and let them know they are allowed to edit, share and comment.

Creating a budget must include the amount you are willing to spend, making an estimate and the tracking process. Many people tend to leave out the section for unexpected costs such as leakage and central air condition problems, along with the movement of IT equipment. That’s why for the latter, working with tech support companies is beneficial, as it saves you from the stress and cost of looking after essential IT assets, as well as setting up equipment yourself, which can easily get tricky with tangled wires and lost connections.

 Set an Agenda

Setting an agenda is key to moving offices, as it helps your team set priorities. For example, you can stay on schedule and keep track of tasks that need to be done ahead of the move, such as properly labeling equipment and planning their new location. Additionally, this also allows you to plan out a time between the actual hours of work in the new office and the office move, so those two times won’t collide with each other.

Before moving, it’s also important to let your service providers know and give them your new address so reconnecting your subscriptions is seamless. When packing and setting up your IT assets at your new office, tech support companies can help take care of properly disconnecting and reconnecting your services, such as office networks. Finally, setting a standard meeting about new rules in your new location keeps your team informed and up-to-date with their new responsibilities.

Moving offices? Keep the process smooth and stay on budget with the help of a reliable tech support company in Toronto. Call us at (416) 250-1040 today for a free consultation about your office relocation needs.

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