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Moving from remote to in-office business operations in 2021? Collaborate with the best IT data security professionals in the GTA

Moving from remote to in-office business operations in 2021? Collaborate with the best IT data security professionals in the GTA

As companies are returning to the office full-time, it’s imperative that cybersecurity protocols are implemented to secure your business network. We provide reliable IT data security services in Toronto that are a central part of your daily company operations and ensure that all staff and personnel are safe. To decrease any chances of cyber hacking and negative instances, invest in our cybersecurity solutions in Toronto that can help you strategize and execute secure business operations for a seamless transition from a remote working environment to a back-in-office setting.


Why do you need to invest in strong cybersecurity when returning to the office?

As 2021 is starting to look brighter with more spaces opening up, organizations are slowly transitioning back to the in-office workweek. At Tech Support Toronto, we will set up your work environment so that your business is protected when all staff have returned fully to the office. We are well-equipped in the areas of the most updated technological security tools, revising online policies and helping implement training in employees in terms of network security.


Four ways you can improve your company’s security standards

With network security at the top of your priority list when returning to the office, you need an IT partner that will be with you every step of the way. We have come up with four ways in which your business can seamlessly transition to your office securely.

  1. Reinstate the importance of password changes. In the event that an employee was a victim of a phishing scam or an email hack, password changes are essential for all devices and access to company networks. To continue ensuring network security, all password precautions must be mandated to prevent any instances of cyber hackers infiltrating your sensitive business networks.
  2. Update hardware inventories. With the inevitable return to the office, new hardware like enhanced video conferencing devices and dedicated terminals must be managed properly. Ensuring you have a full inventory of physical hardware, such as laptops, mobile devices and tablets, will prevent any recently issued, lost or stolen devices that can land in the wrong hands. Additionally, having an updated hardware inventory will help you strengthen your IT infrastructure and fill in any security patches that can be vulnerable to malware.
  3. Educate your staff on cybersecurity policies. Employee education is vital to your business’ successful return to the office. Core components of any network program are the policies and procedures that define your company’s objectives are crucial in the beginning stages of the physical return to the office. Important elements such as the ones listed below are imperative to a company’s future success:
    1. WI-FI networks,
    2. Incident response protocols,
    3. Data recovery and disaster backups,
    4. New software and hardware credentials,
    5. Compliance protocols for the remainder of the fiscal year.
  4. Comprehensive employee training in case of a cyber business infiltration. Effective, targeted training sessions that focus on areas such as protecting sensitive client information about the clients and the firm, the data exposure risk of online collaboration tools, and the protocols to report lost or stolen devices must be implemented as soon as the whole team is back in the office. Training your employees, and ensuring that they understand the importance of securing their business network will benefit the business as a whole and increase confidence in individuals.

Is your business prepared for returning to the office in 2021? Let’s talk.

If there was a blueprint of a plan of returning back to work, everyone would be doing it. But because every business has different requirements for their cybersecurity, it’s best to work with licensed IT professionals that can help you create a seamless transition from remote to in-office work.

Our services start at only $30 a month per computer! Contact us today and give your company the advantage!

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