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OWN That Holiday Rush: How to Keep Your Customer Support Services on Point!

OWN That Holiday Rush: How to Keep Your Customer Support Services on Point!

The holiday season comes with a lot of hassles for the businesses to deal with a load of issues and queries from customers. If your customers are not satisfied with your service, what would you do? Whether it’s a small business or a prominent brand, strategic customer support is the way to win your clients’ trust. 


And for business owners with no experience in handling customers, it’s a vicious cycle! As the number of sales goes high in the holiday season, more and more customer inquiries and support related issues arise. However, having a skilled customer support team can help you afloat a business with a steady profit. Although, hiring an entire customer support team can cost you a fortune. In this case, finding the right tech support service can be beneficial for small business owners. 


Tech Support Toronto is specialized in providing small business tech support services in Toronto and assists each business with a customized tech plan. Whether you require support with the network, hardware, new system installation, servers or cabling, we bring you quick and cost-effective solutions at ease! 


Now, let’s get familiar with a couple of smart customer service tricks for this holiday season! 


Deliver on customer expectations:

Be it a special holiday offer or technical issues on the webpage, always let your customers know whats going on! This will make a difference when your customers realize your sense of responsibility as a business owner. The best you can do is posting a customer service homepage until the issue is resolved. 


Go through last year’s trends:

A good way to start is logging into your help desk portal and reviewing customer issues registered in the past years around the holiday season. Check the number of complaints that have been filed during December and January and compare them with the rest of the months. Is the volume increases during the holiday season? Also, it is a useful way to find out what all channels your consumers have been using to contact! Be it social media platforms or emails, have it on your current strategy. 


Work on your refund policy:

As the volume of both online and offline product purchases rises, make sure you have a lenient customer refund policy. During the holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas or Boxing Day, due to a high number of orders, sometimes your business may deliver a wrong item or different colour! But that can be resolved with a quick refund, a sweet apology email and a special offer on the next purchase. A timely refund is a primary key to win over your customers’ hearts.


Obtain a tech support service:

Given that you have a strong team working 24×7 to resolve your technical issues can take you one step ahead in the world of customer service. Having a tech service not alone takes the accountability of settling down all types of day to day technical glitches but also deals with the customer queries and grievances.



Take a chance on making the best out of this holiday season with advance technical assistance for your business. Contact us today for your holiday tech support needs! 

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