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Protect Your Business Against Ransomware in 2022 | Reliable Cybersecurity for Your Company!

Protect Your Business Against Ransomware in 2022 | Reliable Cybersecurity for Your Company!

Many companies in modern times are choosing to rely more on shared cloud systems, files, and remote working to operate their daily business. With various amounts of information and data being transferred and stored on the world wide web, it’s important to have a secure cybersecurity infrastructure setup to prevent ransomware attacks and cyber security hacks from affecting your company. For ransomware specifically, these types of attacks have greatly affected businesses around the world and exposed weaknesses in an IT system. 

Tech Support Toronto can help you understand the nature of ransomware trends and how to fight back against those types of cybersecurity breaches. Our experienced technical team is experienced and qualified to provide cybersecurity for small businesses, as well as virus and spyware removal services for a variety of clients. 

To prevent ransomware from happening, we’ll go over how it can affect your business, the best ways your company can do to defend itself, and the best solutions to protect all your important files and data. 


How Can Ransomware Affect A Business? 

Ransomware is a common form of malware virus that can be traced back to sketchy links and emails. The software used invades the targeted network, encrypting every file in your hard drive with a key that only the hacker knows. Employers will be locked out of their computers and the company itself will be compromised. 

As such, companies have no choice but to pay the hackers the ransom in order to regain all their locked information. Ransomware attacks are very effective against any business because they’re often equipped with insufficient cybersecurity protection and employees may be tricked into opening a link that they shouldn’t access. It costs a lot of money to unlock your information, ranging from several thousand to millions for criminal organizations. 

If more businesses are affected by ransomware attacks, more will have to pay to regain their data, leading to more attacks on other businesses in the future. Hackers will also continue to raise their ransom price if they find continued success duping these businesses. It’s a growing form of cybercrime because of how easy it is to create these ransomware systems and access the people who know how to implement them. 

In addition to the financial damage, a ransomware attack can also damage the public reputation of a business, decreasing its credibility with clients, shareholders, and its own employees. Some of the reasons why ransomware attacks are more frequent are because of the increasing digitization of doing business and working remotely. Moreover, if hackers believe that a company has poor IT security, they’re more likely to carry out the attack for profit.  

The only foolproof way to stop a ransomware attack is to be vigilant, perceptive, and adopt a proactive, as opposed to a reactive, approach to your company’s cybersecurity. Here are some ways your business can defend itself against these attacks. 


How Can Companies Protect Themselves Against Ransomware?

Some of the methods companies can adopt to protect themselves against ransomware attacks often involve updating old passwords and having your IT team improve existing security features. For example, educate your employees to avoid clicking on spam or suspected phishing emails while keeping all their devices updated and patched. Utilize email filtering systems to block these emails and enable DNS filtering to block dangerous websites. 

Next, implement a robust backup and recovery system in the event a ransomware attack occurs and make sure to check and test it regularly. This takes away any leverage a hacker has once they’ve breached your network and you’ll have safe access to all your data. Additionally, having a network firewall and a reliable antivirus/malware security system will help greatly because they’re often the first line of defence against a ransomware attack. 

Have your employees also undergo cybersecurity awareness training if they’re dealing with sensitive information and provide them with VPNs if they’re working remotely. To keep them vigilant, you can run incident response drills regularly to help them recognize what to do in that type of situation. 

You ultimately want to have a detailed response plan in place in case a ransomware attack occurs and your employees know what to do. It’s also great to have a reliable team of IT software technicians on your side to help you get through the issue and relay preventative cybersecurity measures. 


What’s The Best Solution to Protect Important Files From Ransomware?

So at the end of the day, what’s the best way to protect your important files from a ransomware attack? If hackers choose to steal and encrypt your data until you pay their ransom, be one step ahead and encrypt your own data with passwords only you have access to. This adds more security for your important information and makes sure only the people you trust have access to it. You can also store your information in high security, shared cloud system where strong passwords and multi-factor authentication can be used to verify each user. 

Prevent ransomware attacks and cybersecurity hacks from affecting your business today! Contact our highly qualified and licensed Tech Support Toronto team now to improve your cybersecurity and protect your business! 

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