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Security vs. Compliance | Why Your Small Business Needs Both to Succeed

Security vs. Compliance | Why Your Small Business Needs Both to Succeed

You’re passionate about your business and you love your team. Our cybersecurity services for small businesses in Toronto and the GTA can help you protect your important professional assets with exceptional tech services. Aside from providing you with trusted IT hardware repair services, we can help you understand the importance of IT data security and compliance. It’s essential to have both, and it’s even more important to understand the difference between the two and how they work harmoniously to keep your digital assets protected.

Why is data security crucial to a company?

IT data security is imperative to your business and your company’s goals for success. This protocol is defined as an assortment of cybersecurity services and strategies that help reduce unauthorized access to your company’s assets. IT data security encompasses everything from computers, networks, files and sensitive data.

Data security is crucial to a company’s infrastructure because it helps protect the confidentiality and security of a company’s private information, blocking the access of hackers and intruders. At Tech Support Toronto, we can help you implement reliable methods including firewalls, antivirus software, multi-factor authentication and employee and staff training, especially if your office has been remote in the last year.

What’s the difference between ‘security’ and ‘compliance’?

Security and compliance are very closely linked, and they both drive each other for optimal performance. To put it simply, data ‘security’ is the infrastructure, resources and policies that are instilled to protect your company’s information. ‘Compliance’ is the act of satisfying those security requirements to a set of regulatory standards.

Why is compliance essential to a company’s data assets?

IT compliance is the process of meeting a third party’s requirements of specifications in order to align with their ethical business operations. IT compliance will differ from one industry to the next – for example if your business is in charge of a food catering business, you will have a different set of guidelines to follow than if you are currently in charge of an accounting company. We simplify the process for you as our experts are qualified to handle the third party compliance requirements that include:

  • Industry regulations
  • Client and customer contractual terms
  • Security guidelines
  • Government policies

How do security and IT data compliance work together?

Your business needs a reliable IT security program, and data compliance will only compliment that requirement. Security and data compliance will increase work productivity, help streamline daily operations and ensure that no unauthorized access can penetrate through your networks.

Data compliance would not work independently, and neither would IT data security. If your company would only be focused on meeting compliance requirements, your networks would be incredibly vulnerable to malware attacks that could potentially steal confidential information.

The same goes for IT data security – if you only had a multi-layered network security system but did not comply with regulations and government specifications, your company would not pass any mandatory audits and keep your employees abiding by a certain set of rules. Additionally, when IT data security and compliance work harmoniously together, your business can garner new and loyal customers, boost your reputation and safeguard important data without the risk of your networks being infiltrated.

Tech Support Toronto will help safeguard your company’s assets, increase brand reputation and chase away potential malware attacks – the time to call us is now at 416-250-1040!

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