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Should My Small Business Switch to VoIP Phone Services? (Benefits) | Wireless Network Setup Services, Toronto

Should My Small Business Switch to VoIP Phone Services? (Benefits) | Wireless Network Setup Services, Toronto

Voice Over Internet Protocol (alias VoIP) is taking businesses by storm. But just what is it? And will your corporate communications improve if you make the switch from traditional landlines?

In the next 6 minutes, you’re about to find out!

Tech Support Toronto is a trusted Voice Over Internet protocol service provider helping small businesses just like yours thrive in an IT-first world. Our state-of-the-art wireless network setup services in Toronto provide the robust infrastructure you need to make tracks in the digital era. Let’s learn more about this amazing service. 

For starters, what is VoIP?

With a VoIP phone connection, you will be able to send and receive calls over an internet broadband connection instead of through the typical analog phone route. 

Contrary to popular belief, VoIP isn’t a “fancy, expensive” technology made for big businesses. In reality, many small business owners have successfully made the switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol and haven’t looked back yet!


What Quality of Service Can I Expect With VoIP?

You can expect a phenomenal call quality, making this a professional choice for all manner of calls, whether you’re talking to colleagues or customers. 

So superior is it in fact, that you can expect crystal clear reception that is even better than your landline connection. 

Don’t let anxiety over the quality of VoIP calls hold you back because it’s all smooth sailing in this area!


Does VoIP Let Me Do Anything Except Send and Receive Calls?

In short, absolutely! 

This service is multi-functional in that you can also send and receive instant messages, teleconference, video conference, and send and receive faxes and voicemails, among other things. 

You can also have your messages, faxes and voice mails sent to your email. That way, you will have all vital communications in a single place, allowing your work to flow that much smoother. 

Rest assured, with VoIP, you won’t be restricted in your communication options in the slightest!


Enhance Confidentiality and Security With VoIP

As opposed to a traditional phone connection, VoIP is actually extremely secure as it uses encrypted software to prevent data hacks or access breaches.

At Tech Support Toronto, we fully appreciate how sensitive and important your data is. This is why we go all out to ensure you get exceptional IT services that cover all the loopholes in your system. You can sleep easier at night knowing that the risk of your communications being compromised is slim to none.


VoIP Puts You in the Driver’s Seat 

With this service, you have (near) unlimited control. 

You can opt for how many times the phone will ring in the office before it gets sent to another personal device like a computer or phone. 

You can even e-fax your documents with VoIP making sure that no urgent communications get delayed and you receive and send all your messages on time!

Moreover, you can use VoIP from anywhere, it is a highly mobile service!

It transcends multiple devices and also lets your transfer calls quickly without the customer having to hang up and call the other number. 

For added convenience, you can take advantage of the system’s automated messaging to inform your colleagues whether you can take a call or to inform a client on the best way to reach you in you’re not available just then. 

Pretty nifty, right?


So Many Benefits of VoIP All in the Palm of Your Hands!

Turn to Tech Support Toronto – A Trusted Wireless Network Setup Service Provider

VoIP services are the next-gen communication strategy for your small business. These are affordable, easy-to-use and save you a lot of hassles in the long-run. 

We have some great VoIP promotions currently going on. Ask us about how we can help take your business to the next level with Voice Over Internet Protocol. 

Contact Tech Support Toronto today to get started. 

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