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It can be hard to stay on top of all your I.T. needs when you still have to get work done. How can you simplify your I.T needs?

A Total Technology Experience optimized for your business

We offer more than just I.T services. We solve real-life business problems in efficient ways. Partner with M.I.T. Consulting to discover how powerful aligning the right technology with your business goals can be.

Analyze Your Business

Tell us about your company, daily operations, and long-term goals. We’ll become familiar with your staff and how you use I.T. every day.

  • Learn how I.T. affects productivity
  • Discover security weaknesses
  • Find industry-specific I.T. solutions for your needs

Create an Unique I.T. Strategy

We’ll work with you to create a plan to keep technology aligned with your business goals, so I.T. helps you get ahead and never holds you back.

  • Spend money on wise I.T. investments
  • Match I.T. purchases to long-term goals
  • Leverage the right I.T. to improve productivity

Eliminate Weak Points

From disasters like blizzards to threats like cybercrime, you never know what the future holds. The only way to stay safe is to prepare for anything.

  • Protect email from malware, spam, and cybercrime
  • Backup data for quick recovery after disaster
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations

Streamline for Success

Above all else, I.T. should save you TIME by making employees more productive, operations run faster, and goals easier to pursue.

  • Go mobile and work remotely
  • Eliminate expensive and clunky hardware
  • Automate operations

When you’re busy running a business, dealing with malfunctioning technology is the last thing you want to be doing. Your time is valuable and you need reliable I.T. to help you stay productive and effective. When computers breakdown or warranties expire, don’t waste your time: Trust in the Repair and Warranty Centre at M.I.T. Consulting.

M.I.T. Consulting is an authorized Lenovo and Toshiba repair/warranty center, available to help you determine if your machine is in warranty and when the warranty expires, or fix any computer problems you may have.

Our expert technicians also provide a wide range of repair services, including:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Wireless network setup
  • Software suite installation
  • System upgrades
  • Hardware repair
  • System recovery
  • And more

When you’re moving your business, dealing with the relocation of your I.T. can be a nightmare – tangled wires to disconnect, sensitive equipment to package, services to cut off and reactivate. Simplify and streamline the whole process to eliminate downtime and quickly get your I.T. set up just how you like it with I.T. Relocation from M.I.T. Consulting:

  • Move planning to minimize downtime and avoid mishaps.
  • Disconnecting computers and other hardware.
  • Specialized move packaging (including bubble wrapping) to protect your valuable investments.
  • Hardware tagging to keep track of important assets.
  • Network and telecom cable installation.
  • Computer hardware and telephone cleaning.
  • Hardware reconnection and network script testing to ensure performance at your new location.
  • Service reactivation and vendor management to make sure the Internet and phones will be on when you move in.
  • Detailed audits of all items to keep accurate track of location at all times.

Trust in M.I.T. Consulting to make your move easy, just like some of our previous clients like Warner Bros., Gowlings, Powerstream, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Child Services, Kingsway Financial, CNIB and more.

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