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Technological Trends To Keep An Eye On in 2023 & Beyond

Technological Trends To Keep An Eye On in 2023 & Beyond


As we head into 2023 and into the new year proper, you’ll be satisfied to hear that many of the technologies we use frequently are constantly evolving to make our lives much easier. As a result, industries in a variety of sectors have pivoted and begun adjusting to utilizing more advanced technological systems. That extends to businesses who regularly use IT computer infrastructure to handle important data, store it in a cloud-based system, and protect their information with cybersecurity measures. 

At Tech Support Toronto, we’ll make sure you are kept up-to-date on all the latest technology trends in 2023 and how they can benefit your workplace. We provide IT network support in Ontario and remote cybersecurity assistance for a fixed fee. We bring years of technical knowledge and professional experience to make sure your IT infrastructure is working as it should and protected from malware and viruses. 

One cannot make an exhaustive list of technology trends to look out for in 2023. However, we have three things you should keep an eye on as they may have an immediate effect on your business’s IT network and cybersecurity systems. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already been used for a variety of applications in many different industries. Its use will only increase in the coming years as AI technology continues to improve and advance in the coming years.  

With regards to cybersecurity systems and IT support, AIs installed on them will ensure that malware and viruses like suspicious emails or phishing messages are automatically blocked out. They’ll also help notify you if a web page has been compromised or infected with viruses. 

AI systems will allow businesses to easily monitor their network infrastructure. It has been increasingly used in a variety of workplaces because AI does not necessarily require code and have drag-and-drop interfaces. Because of that, companies will be able to leverage its capabilities to create more intelligent products and services. 

Examples of AI use in real-life work settings include the healthcare and retail sectors. AI will be relied more on diagnosing diseases, developing new treatments, and providing personalized care. Meanwhile, contactless shopping and delivery in retail shops will help people pay for goods and services more easily. 

Overall, artificial intelligence is here to stay and make our lives much easier. It will continue to augment every business and help improve your current IT network infrastructure in the process. 


Cyberattacks will continue to happen and become more sophisticated as we connect all our devices to the Internet. Extra caution should be taken if your IT network heavily relies on using technology to deliver and store important data. If cybersecurity is a critical concern for small, medium, and big businesses alike, then the technology that protects their assets will only continue improving well beyond 2023. 

Cloud-based security systems have made it easier for businesses to safely access their information on a daily basis from many remote areas. These security measures often utilize two-factor authentication to ensure the right person is accessing the information. If a breach has occurred, cloud-based security systems will make sure the data is protected and backed up if lost. This makes them more effective and efficient than traditional cybersecurity models and their technology will only continue to advance. 

Heading into 2023, all businesses should invest not only in excellent cybersecurity services, but also network security, mobile device security, web security, and email security. Companies will need to collaborate more with IT network support providers to further implement standardized cybersecurity features in their workplaces. To further bolster their cybersecurity, businesses will also need to include technical experts on management or decision-making teams. A broad adoption of zero-trust security networks and having several access management protocols will also greatly help. 

Autonomous Systems

Going back to the future of AI technology in 2023, the advancement of them will also lead to more autonomous systems used in many businesses. More and more workers are getting used to working alongside autonomous technology to make the work process faster and simpler. 

Business leaders will continue making progress in creating autonomous systems and implementing them into the work environment. They will be especially useful in work operations that deal with delivery, logistics, and data organization. On a more practical level, many factories and warehouses have already been using autonomous technology to improve the workflow and production of different materials or services. 

Overall, technology is always changing and it can be unpredictable at times. Even with this list of trends to be aware of in 2023, there are still many others that we didn’t cover. 

Contact Tech Support Toronto at (416) 250-1040 to make sure your business has the most updated IT network infrastructure and cybersecurity measures in place. Work with our team now to ask any tech-related or cybersecurity questions for a fair fixed monthly fee. 

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