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The Future of Customer Support: Game-Changing Trends in 2020 to Watch Out For!

The Future of Customer Support: Game-Changing Trends in 2020 to Watch Out For!

2020. It sounds like such a futuristic year, and yet, we’re less than a month away from it. 

Speaking of futuristic, the tech world has some choice surprises in store for us. New trends can feel like they come so fast so it’s important to keep up and really think about what you will change and develop in the new year. 

Tech Support Toronto is your IT partner in crime! We offer superior small business tech support services to help with your customer service and poise your business for future growth! 

Today, we’re going to reveal the biggest tech trends on the horizon that your business could potentially benefit from.


Mobile on the rise

More and more users are going fully mobile with their internet activity with over 1.2 billion people accessing the internet through their phone or tablet. Having a mobile site is now more important than ever and that goes for the customer service side too. Google reports that missing out on having a mobile-optimized website can be equivalent to closing your store for one day each week!


Social media communication

On the same note as mobile users, there are more and more social media users on the rise as well. Having a social media presence and having messages open to inquiries will be important for a lot of users in the new year. Most of these inquiries and questions will be short quick communications but having this added aspect really helps customers connect with the business and feel they have a personal relationship with you. Social media communication will cover a lot of the mobile communication as well, having a majority of social media users being on their phones or tablets as opposed to desktop.


Chatbot integration

Small chatbots in the corner of websites have been getting more popular for a while now but expect more! Many of these inquiries are short and quick just like social media, but these chat boxes will cover the desktop customer base. Since many inquiries will be quick and not in-depth using AI and a bot to help with the smaller issues will become much more popular leaving you to deal with the important tasks.


Real-time support

What will happen if someone is interested in your product or service but cannot get in touch with someone to handle their questions? They might just go off to your competitors to get their questions answered and use their service instead of yours. Having real-time support will become very important to being accessible to customers, building up that relationship boosting their satisfaction and engagement with you.


Personalization is king

Personalization will be key to having returning customers, having a unique experience helps create a unique tight relationship to making them loyal towards you and your services. As companies gain a deeper understanding of a customer’s interests, what they have done, what services they use, how they use your services; all this information can be used to cater to them to make sure they come back. Things like recommending certain items to buy or when to send over a promotional email. Being upfront is important as well, up to 77% of people would be fine sharing more personal data if they knew how it was used.


Cut the jargon and outdated speech

Customer service is evolving to be more casual and the language will have to reflect that as well. Customers don’t want to interact with formal brands that use too much industry jargon and outdated language. People are appreciating a human personal touch and having their interactions be a dynamic back and forth experience. This goes hand and hand with social media and chatbox customer support, messages are short, approachable, and easy to understand instead of a well written corporate email.


Interested in staying up-to-date with these rising trends? Tech Support Toronto provides up-to-the-minute advice on how to stay two steps ahead of the competition.


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