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The No-Nonsense Guide to Cloud Migration | Professional IT Data Security Services in Toronto

The No-Nonsense Guide to Cloud Migration | Professional IT Data Security Services in Toronto

Like a move from a small office to a bigger one, a cloud migration requires preparation, flexibility and strategy. Tech Support Toronto is a reliable IT support company in Toronto that can help you move your sensitive company data to the cloud, and continually offer superior cybersecurity solutions in Toronto and the GTA.

Most small businesses choose to invest in cloud migration to reduce costs, improve scalability and significantly reduce the chances of cyber incidents that can negatively impact their financial and reputational assets. 

We’re here to help your business thrive in the heart of a digital transformation and improve work efficiencies amongst your staff and your potential clients. Why is cloud migration integral to your business? Let’s find out!


What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the digital process of moving a business and all of its operations into the cloud. The process is exactly like a physical move, except the physical components and moving truck services – think of it as relocation of all your business data, application, and IT processes to other data centers.

A majority of Canadian businesses use cloud services to streamline daily operations and improve employee productivity. If you have ever used applications such as Office 365, Zoom, Google Drive or Gmail, then you have most likely been exposed to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud requires vital IT services to help you correctly relocate your business from on-premise to digital software programs including Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. 

Simply put, cloud migration allows you to manage your business infrastructure with minimal security risk, inconvenience and cutting your costs of maintaining on-premise hardware.


What are the benefits of business cloud migration?

  • The power to expand your business to new audiences. Employees or customers can easily access the cloud services and data from anywhere, on any device. The overall flexibility of cloud migration enables your business to be recognized globally, and acquire new customers with a touch of a button.
  • Improving work performance. Moving to the cloud enables a higher overall user experiencing, creating smoother operations for the employees and a simplified process for the consumers. Cloud data services operate at a much faster rate than on-premise hardware, reducing the ‘waiting around’ period of processes to take full effect.
  • Huge cost savings. Depending on the cloud for your business infrastructure and software drastically reduces your costs on maintaining physical hardware. Additionally, there are no maintenance costs, decreased upgrade costs and you are only paying for the services you’re using and need at the moment. 
  • Improved scalability. Unlike older technology where you needed to prepare for months in advance if you needed to add more capacity, the cloud allows you to upscale as you go accordingly. If your business is experiencing slower times, you can take away the capacity, it’s as simple as that.


Some questions to address before you begin your business cloud migration

Every business owner has their own requirements and specifications for their journey to success. Here are some considerations to think about:

  • Who are your users, and how are they identified as users (marketing, sales, management, etc.)?
  • Will users be sharing public workstations?
  • Do you need the use of a single cloud or a multi-cloud system?
  • What are your cloud key performance indicators (KPIs)?
  • Are you using mobile devices inside or outside of your facilities, and if so, how many?


Ready to maximize your business with cloud migration? Contact the best IT support company in Toronto and the GTA!

There are numerous benefits that can positively impact your small business when you choose to relocate to the cloud. Everything from whether you should keep older applications, or having a completely fresh start is significant in your business growth.

We can help simplify the overwhelming process. We will provide you with honest and accurate timelines, determine your best course of action and help you make the right decisions – affordably. 

Contact us today and start embracing your company’s potential with smart IT solutions in Toronto and the GTA!

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