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Two-Factor Authentication: Keeping Your Business Protected from Malware

Two-Factor Authentication: Keeping Your Business Protected from Malware

Two-factor authentication is a safe and effective way of keeping your workplace’s digital system in good shape. Hackers can easily compromise your cybersecurity if they have access and control to one consistently used password. That’s why it’s important to back up your accounts with two-factor authentication and security keys to properly ensure secure access to your data. Having an extensive cybersecurity plan in place can greatly benefit your small to medium-sized business in the long run, making sure you and your employees can operate your employees normally. 

At Tech Support Toronto, we’re one of the best IT support companies that provide virus and spyware removal services for local businesses. We provide reliable and extensive tech support for your workplace’s cybersecurity systems and will do our best to protect your important data and information. 

Work with our Tech Support Toronto technical team today to secure your business and learn more about how two-factor authentication can benefit your workplace. Safeguard your operations by employing an effective two-factor authentication system and a security key, which we’ll explore in detail.  

What’s The Best Way To Use Two-Factor Authentication?

The best way to use two-factor authentication for your business is to make sure everyone on your team is using it. Relying solely on traditional username and password login credentials can be risky because the user may forget their information or be more susceptible to cyberattacks if a hacker figures out their login. With two-factor authentication, it gives your user more than one authentication factor to limit the risk of cyberattacks on your business. 

Two-factor authentication takes into account credentials such as something you know, something you have, and something you are. Information that you know maybe a second password, your mother’s birthday, or any other personal information only you have knowledge of. Credentials for something you have can include a physical or digital security key or an authenticator app on your phone. Typically, this involves a select number of digits sent to a phone number you previously registered.  Lastly, “something you are” means a physical characteristic only you possess, as the two-factor authentication can be read with a biometric scan. Examples include a fingerprint scan, facial recognition, or retina scan. 

Overall, the best way to put two-factor authentication into practice is by using login credentials that are not easy for a hacker to access or obtain. It’s part of an interconnected cybersecurity system that protects many of your business’s daily functions in the first place. 

What Should My Cybersecurity Services Protect First?

Your cybersecurity services should protect a lot of the basic functionality of your workplace on a daily basis. When you put two-factor authentication into practice, it gives your cybersecurity an added safeguard from cyberattacks and ransomware invasions. 

Two-factor authentication and your cybersecurity system can protect the management of your password and identity managers. Adding more information boosts any potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity, as well as protects users accessing their Microsoft or Google accounts. The email accounts associated with these services will strongly encourage you to set up two-factor authentication to ensure the right person has access. This is done through a code sent to an alternate email or your phone. 

Moreover, if you’re a business that incurs regular purchases on an online commerce or shopping website, two-factor authentication makes sure your purchases are secured and no one is taking advantage of your credit card information. The same rules can be applied to your business’s social media accounts, which need to be protected to ensure your brand image is untarnished. 

In addition to two-factor authentication, having a security key in place for your business can also benefit you and your team. 

How Do I Choose A Security Key For My Business?

Security keys are small devices that can be used to uniquely identify users for sites and services. To use a security key, you have to first set it up with a site, service, or system you want to protect and enroll it to make sure it’s slightly different for each login. Some systems allow for only one security key to be used at once while others allow for many more. 

Security keys can be very effective against all types of cyberattacks but can be a costly option for some small businesses. Nonetheless, it’s a viable option if your business deals with frequent banking or accounting services, as well as highly confidential information. Choosing the right one essentially boils down to the right functionality and whatever best serves your business. 

At Tech Support Toronto, we provide business owners with the right cybersecurity tools and support to ensure their workplace is efficient and secure. Contact our team of experienced technicians now to input two-factor authentication for your workplace today. Boost your cybersecurity with us today by taking the right IT measures for your business.

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