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Malware Detox: How to Protect Your Small Business | Virus and Spyware Removal Services Toronto

Malware Detox: How to Protect Your Small Business | Virus and Spyware Removal Services Toronto

Many small business owners rest easy in the knowledge that their business will be overlooked by cybercriminals because there are bigger fish to fry. 

In reality, small businesses are one of the major targets for cybercriminals; with almost 72% of digital attacks taking place on SMBs. Granted, big companies have more pertinent data to steal, however, cybercriminals know that most small businesses have less secure networks, making them a much easier target. 

Tech Support Toronto is here to protect you from a cyber onslaught and keep your data secured 24/7. We are one of the best IT support companies in Toronto on a mission to keep your business protected and cybercrime at bay. 

The last thing you need on your hands is a data breach; setting you back by weeks if not months. Tech Support Toronto offers industry-leading malware protection support and virus and spyware removal services for your Toronto business.

Here are some key tips for keeping your business free of unauthorized breaches and enjoying uninterrupted network uptimes!


Your First Line of Defence – Formidabe Firewall 

This will serve as a barrier between your network and harmful vectors. Apart from the standard firewall, you may also want to put up an internal firewall as an added security blanket. 

Ask your employees who work remotely from home or elsewhere to set up a firewall as well, especially as they will still be accessing sensitive company information. To help this along, take the initiative to offer a good firewall software that complies with their home network. 


Create a Detailed Cybersecurity Checklist

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The very first step is to create a list of protocols that include online training, documents and employee reporting processes in the event of a malware threat. 

It pays to follow cybersecurity best practices and policies, reward employees who catch security breach incidences on time and conduct regular traning modules to update your staff on the latest online threats, specifically as they pertain to your industry. 


Take Regular Backups – Your Business Depends on It

Some attacks could sneak past your radar and affect your data, even when taking the utmost precautions. This could potentially lead to a catastrophic loss of data leading to disgruntled customers and stressed out employees. 

The solution. Scheduled auto backups every day. Everything from databases, files, processing documents should be blacked up and store don the cloud. Another important tip; any physical backups taken (on a flash drive, etc.) should be stored in a separate location to avoid a flood or fire destroying all your data at once. 


Save Your Business From a Data Breach

Invest in Quality Malware Protection ASAP!

Most companies rarely discover a data breach in time – which is why when they do, the impact amplifies.

Tech Support Toronto is here to help! Our data security measures will help you build and implement a safe data infrastructure and save your business from financial and reputational risks.

At Tech Support Toronto, we offer powerful data security solutions and IT measures to prepare you for data breach incidents in advance. 

Contact us to protect your business from cybercrime in 2020 and beyond!

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