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Offsite Backups: Your Secret Weapon to Outsmarting Cybercriminals in 2019!

Offsite Backups: Your Secret Weapon to Outsmarting Cybercriminals in 2019!



A buzzword that seems to be inundating the online world in 2019 – and not without good reason.


Statistics Canada reported that 53.8% of companies have encountered a cybersecurity threat that prevented employees from carrying out their daily operations. 10.5% of these firms witnessed a significant loss of revenue as a result.


Cybersecurity Is Incredibly Important in Our Digital Age


With malware attacks on businesses on the rise, one can never be too careful. All it takes is for one employee to open an email attachment and, unbeknownst to them, allow a cryptovirus to penetrate the network and cause significant downtimes.


A stitch in time saves nine. This is why it’s important to turn to IT support services for your Toronto business. What is cybersecurity? This refers to protecting internet-connected systems whether that be data, software or hardware from cyber threats. With sturdy cybersecurity measures in place, your business can offset malware attacks and keep its data from being manipulated.


The result of poor cybersecurity? Your customers will have to endure delayed services, extreme downtimes – all these contributing to revenue losses for your business. In the past, several high profile companies like Target, Yahoo! And Facebook have been the victim of significant data breaches. It goes to show that no one is truly safe. To stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, it’s important to turn to the experts.


Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s not mandatory for businesses to store clunky external hard drive and spend a fortune on big servers. They are now able to back up their confidential data automatically on the cloud.


What is offsite data backup? This is a tactic of backing up data in an offsite location to prevent it from being exposed to risk. Conventionally, it involved using magnetic tapes or other removable storage media, but now most companies are turning to the cloud.


In this article, we’ve summarized the biggest benefits of an offsite data backup.


  1. Easier Than Ever Before


Before cloud computing solutions came onto the scene, taking backups was a tedious process. Due to the lack of automation, businesses had to remember to take backups lest they expose themselves to considerable risk. With automatic backups in this day and age, the process is virtually painless and doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day operations in the slightest.


  1. State-of-the-Art Security


As compared to conventional methods, offsite data backups are very reliable and the process is automated to take place at regular intervals – generally every day. Thus, your employees will always have access to the most up-to-date information.


For further convenience, these backups can be initiated from multiple devices. Even with an unforeseen server crash, your business will still function as per usual without leaving behind a trail of disgruntled customers in its wake.  


  1. Several Backup Methods At Your Disposal


Sensitive data deserves the utmost protection at all times. The repercussions of such data falling into the hands of cybercriminals are extremely costly. Offsite backup providers use multiple backup methods to ensure the security of your network.


Each tactic will ensure that the most recent version of your information is recoverable at your fingertips. The methods to be selected will vary based on your corporate structure and the nature of your transactions.


  1. Quick and Cost-Effective Installation


You can set up the backup system very easily without having to invest in costly infrastructure. When you hire a trusted company like Tech Support Toronto to carry out this task for you, rest assured that your data will be handled securely to offset data breaches as far as possible.


Is Your Business Secure?


Here’s How to Be Sure!


Offsite data backups are easy and affordable. Losing sleep over a data breach is frustrating and avoidable. Take the right steps at the right time to keep your business protected. That way, your customers are kept happy and your business will continue to flourish in 2019!


Reach out to Tech Support Toronto to get your data backed up!

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