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4 Ways To Recover From A Server Crash

4 Ways To Recover From A Server Crash

Server crashes are all too common, causing many businesses costly disruptions. However, as inconvenient as server crashes are, they don’t have to be the end of the world. There are several easy to follow steps you can take to quickly recover from a crash.

At M.I.T Consulting, we want to make sure your business doesn’t suffer from avoidable mishaps which is why we offer affordable tech support and I.T. management services in Toronto to keep your tech running smoothly. However, some issues are unavoidable, so it’s crucial that you know what steps you can take to prevent and recover from a server crash.

Keep reading to learn more from our I.T. experts on how you can recover from a server crash quickly and easily and reduce disruptions to your business.

Backup your Files the Moment you Can

Consistently backing up your files can feel extremely tedious, but it is definitely worth it should you need to rely on a backup to save your business. A good backup should include all information that is vital to your company as it will keep your company flowing in the meantime while you perform damage reducing tasks. It is very unlikely for your backup to have the exact same server prior to the crash, so it is possible that you will need to perform some manual updating procedures yourself.

Use Default Settings

Are your existing server versions not performing up to standards? This might be a sign that you need a full system overhaul. Essentially, what this does is revert your system to its factory settings. A factory-reset server will require re-installation from your recovery files and  will require your system settings to be reset. The configuration wizard can guide you through each step of prompting safely before you factory reset your Window servers.

Prevention with Server Monitoring

Windows monitoring programs and solutions are great prevention methods in terms of protecting your servers from potential crashes. Server monitoring solutions will notify you of any issue the system is dealing with, giving you more than enough time before the server fully crashes to find a solution, avoiding a potentially fatal error. Even if no solution is viable, they provide you with enough time to perform a backup for your server.

Cloud Storage is the Real Deal  

While cloud services were once looked at with skepticism,  you cannot deny its convenience and the security benefits it can provide to your business. It can possibly be the most effective way to pull you out from a tech disaster, and pave your way to recovery. Nowadays, you should not have an excuse for not utilizing a cloud recovery system.

Dealing with a crashed server? Don’t hesitate, and contact us today for tech support services in Toronto that can guide you through your server crash, and prevent future downtime.

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