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Don’t Let the Winter Get the Best of Your Business! Backup Your Data for a Quick Recovery.

Don’t Let the Winter Get the Best of Your Business! Backup Your Data for a Quick Recovery.

December is here! Is your IT infrastructure winter ready?

At the onset of these brutal winter months, you take several precautions to keep your home and your car safe from the elements. When installing high-efficiency furnaces in your home and switching to winter-grade oil for your car, you might forget your business in the bargain! Trust your tech assets to industry-leading IT support providers in Toronto so that you emerge from the winter with no regrets.

Spending large sums of money to prevent roof leaks and frozen pipes is par for the course this season. But chances are – your technology is being overlooked as we speak.

Backing up your data is always a wise move, more so during the winter. This ensures that your operations flow smoothly and completely unhindered. If you’re not prepared, a catastrophic loss of data could threaten to turn your operation on its head and backlog your business by several months! Your customers won’t be too pleased with the outcome of having to put up with delayed services or a shoddy experience with your company.


These Winter-Related Hazards Could Destroy Your Tech and Set Your Business Back

The future is uncertain, especially where the weather is concerned. When a winter storm blazes through, snow or ice can infiltrate your facility and get to your technology. A sudden snowdrop could also lead to a roof leak or worse, cause your roof to cave in under the weight. Moreover, if a frozen pipe bursts in your building, you will have a severe flooding on your hands. Any of these issues could damage your servers and computers and cripple your operations to a great degree.

If you’re in the business of handling important customer data, tracking day-to-day logistics and managing orders, a massive technology obliteration is the last thing you need. By investing in a preemptive data backup solution, you can recover your information off-site even if your building bears the full brunt of the winter.


Why a Professional Data Backup is the Solution to Your Winter Blues

Inclement winter blizzards are often abrupt and arrive unannounced. When disaster strikes, it will be too late to enforce damage control tactics. The secret? Start today and be prepared well in advance. A great way to do this is to ensure that your critical data is protected. You can replicate your disk safes so that they are accessible off-site. In case your primary data centre goes down due to the temperamental weather, you won’t have to bat an eyelid!

Even with damaged servers, you will be in a position to access your most recent backup through your replicated disk safes. This means that you will experience little to no downtimes!

Why rely on a single location to access your data? Not only is that inconvenient but it is also extremely risky. A reliable and experienced tech support provider will manage your disk safes in such a way so that a copy of all your data backups will be transferred to a cloud backup/storage system. This bodes really well for your business. No matter how bad the weather gets, you can recover all your information from the cloud.

The bottom line? If you reside in a location that sees the very worst of winter, call in the experts. Don’t let the elements decimate your tech. Data backups will be your very first line of defence against the incoming snowstorms!


Tech Support Toronto Can Do You One Better – We Take Incremental Backups!

Traditionally, taking full backups at periodic intervals was the go-to approach. However, that technique is now outdated. Incremental backups ensure that you are not at risk of compromising on a large chunk of your data in between backups should your main data centre go down.

Moreover, full data backups are quite taxing on your servers. This is why they are conducted less and less as time goes by. If your tech gets compromised you will be relegated to the last backup – which is likely to have occurred weeks prior!

Incremental backups are the way of the now. They take much less time and are conducted regularly at smaller intervals. This means that each backup will only have to focus on storing files that were modified since the last backup. Should disaster strike, with an incremental backup plan you will only be set back by minutes or hours and not weeks or months!

Don’t get complacent. The winter is brewing up a storm! Is your IT prepared?


With a Powerful Backup Solution, the Winter Won’t Stand a Chance!

Tech Support Toronto provides reliable and professional data backup solutions at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re in store for sub-zero temperatures, snow storms or icy winds, your data is protected and your business functions as per usual. Get tech support today at 1-866-667-1040!

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