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Here’s Why 24/7 Tech Support is the Difference Between a Good Business and a GREAT Business

Here’s Why 24/7 Tech Support is the Difference Between a Good Business and a GREAT Business

You can’t deny it. In our increasingly digitized business landscape, every facet of our lives is impacted by IT.

Why a 24/7 IT Provider is Every Businessman’s Right-Hand Man

Because technology has so deeply embedded itself into modern society, we often forget about its far-reaching accomplishments. It is considered a mere accouterment, when in fact it is an extension of ourselves and the very force that takes our businesses from strength to strength. The moment we get complacent or worse, negligent, of our IT, troubles usually abound – obsolete hardware, prolonged network downtimes, frequent server crashes, malware infiltration and the likes. Technical support in Toronto has come a long way to mitigate these issues.

With 24/7 IT support at your beck and call, no longer is there the need for a significant lag time between a problem arising and a problem being fixed. If you do not have a designated on-call IT team, chances are you will have to seek one out when an issue occurs, following which they will first have to spend time familiarising themselves with your IT infrastructure prior to brainstorming a solution. Apart from the fact that the solution itself will then have to be tested, you’ve already lost valuable time in the process, thus exposing your data and software to vulnerabilities.

The proactive approach? Investing in a long-term partnership with an experienced provider, one who guarantees you 24/7 support. The benefits of this are wide as they are varied. It will save you money, time, and ensure smooth and streamlined operations – both for your IT and, by default, for your business!

Without further ado, here are 3 ways in which a 24/7 tech team can transform your business from a good one into a GREAT one.

  • Proactive Rather Than Reactive – Issues are Tackled Before They Arise

In business, time is money. IT problems that go unaddressed drain your finances to a significant degree. Best case scenario – they stagger your operations and reduce efficiency. Worst case scenario – they lead to a catastrophic loss of data and set your business back by several weeks, if not months. A 24/7 tech team will make these scenarios a thing of the past.

Occasionally, your system might encounter problems that require on-site maintenance. If you do not have a designated team to call upon, it may be some time before you can build a partnership with a new provider from scratch and get them to come over and look at your tech. With 24/7 support, on-site and on-time service is but a phone call away.

If you onboard a team prior to problems arising, it has ample time to acquaint itself with your unique IT environment. The tools you use as well as your preferred way of operating will become second nature to the team. This allows it to supply you with information and feedback as to the preventative measures you can adopt to ensure that things run smoothly. This constant communication guarantees that your key tech assets perform optimally at all times.

  • When Issues Do Arise, They Are Tackled On Time

A burning factor that separates the good from the great – resolving issues as soon as they present themselves. When you’re partnered with an experienced and reliable tech provider, you have a team at your fingertips – essentially, experts who know the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure like the back of their hand. As such, they don’t have to waste time familiarizing themselves with your assets before troubleshooting your system.

Equipped with these diverse credentials, experience and training, your tech specialist can effectively ixnay system-wide issues rather than just minor speedbumps. What does this mean for your business? Simple! Constant online support and proactive collaborations. This deep collaboration is what makes the tech team intimate with your IT and what makes you familiar with the best way to communicate any issues that you experience. All this ensures that your team is in the best possible position to do its job smoothly without being side-tracked by tech troubles.

  • The End Result? – You Get to Enjoy Maximum Uptimes!

Prior experiences have proven that having an on-call tech team 24/7/365 drastically slashes down on network downtimes. In the event of a server crash, all the IT team has to do is call upon its extensive knowledge of your tech and your business to resolve the problem quickly. Your systems will be up and running before you can bat an eyelid, meaning maximum uptimes and minimum anxiety!

Don’t Bear the Brunt of Network Downtimes. Invest in Powerful 24/7 IT Solutions!

Tech Support Toronto has over 15 years of experience in the IT field, dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients. If you’re tired of letting your tech troubles get the best of you, call us at (416) 250-1040 and we guarantee that you will never look back.

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